Your tricks aren’t fooling anybody!!!

“The truth does not cease to exist because it is ignored.”

-Aldous Huxley


I have two things to go over today. The first is to wish Mac (pic above) a Happy Anniversary. The pic above was taken on the one year anniversary of Mac hiring me (May 5th). In that time, he has lost 22″ from his waist, 7″ from his neck and he has lost 147.2 lbs of bodyweight. On top of that, he has received great reports from his doctor on all of his blood work. And, he has put a knee surgery on ice because he no longer has pain. Let’s not forget that he turned 70 last month.

But the biggest change is right before your eyes. That smile!!!!! This is a man that truly loves life. He has always been a social butterfly but now he does so without feeling self conscious.

I can’t begin to describe my respect for him. He has been diligent in his approach and it has paid huge dividends on his quality of life.

I always tell people that I learn from every person I work with. Mac is no exception in that regard. I believe I learned as much from him as he did from me over the last year. His journey is not over. We still have more mountains to climb but the foundation that has been built over the last year is solid. It will provide a framework for all that he will face moving forward. Congrats Mac!!!! I know that you will achieve everything you set your mind to.

Secondly, I had a discussion with my boot campers this morning. It was about the quote that started this blog post above. “The truth does not cease to exist because it is ignored.”

Our conversation had to do with evasive tactics our brains do with the scale. Tell me if you have ever done this. Have you ever not weighed yourself on Monday because you didn’t want it to reflect the decadence of the weekend? You wait until Wednesday or Thursday hoping it will readjust, right? Have you ever waited to weigh yourself until after you have done your cardio? Come on… honest. The scale reads great after Zumba, Boot Camp or a nice run, doesn’t it?

I have a question for you. WHO ARE YOU FOOLING? These tactics do not erase the fact that you have been AWOL from your program. The mere fact that you are apprehensive about getting on the scale should be a CLEAR indication that you know about your transgressions. So why try to hide them?

It is what it is. Accept it, then do something about it. You will find that this tactic will become a weekly process. The reason is because you are telling yourself that the scale will come back down in a couple of days. So you do the same shit next weekend. You used smoke and mirrors to trick yourself into believing that you fixed it. You ain’t freaking David Copperfield!!!

This is a sign that you aren’t “getting it.” And, it can be a problem if left unattended. Get real with yourself. Own up to your blunders, take responsibility for them and make changes. The tricks don’t work. Your plan does. Get on that scale. Be brave. Be honest with yourself.

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