You want to graduate from “Buff University”?

This whole working out and eating well thing is not easy. Well, at least, not as easy as eating whatever you want and hanging on the couch…..can we agree on that?

So where does it fall on the “difficulty” chart? Is it as tough as childbirth? Is it as hard as what our military men and women are dealing with overseas? Is it as challenging as what the Boston Marathon Bombing victims have had to overcome? Is it as difficult as getting a college degree?

Hmmmm? A college degree? It is definitely not as hard as those other choices but, a college degree? Maybe.

I think that there are a few parallels here. Getting a college degree requires consistency over a significant period of time. So does this fitness stuff. College requires some sacrifice. So does fitness. College means saying “no” to temptation at times. So does fitness. College is dependent on “creating good habits.” Same thing with fitness. There should still be some fun to go along with all the hard work in college. Fitness should be no different. You need to adapt to changes in college. Adaptation is important in fitness. You need to overcome obstacles in both college and fitness.

I like where we are going with this. Getting buff is very similar to getting a college degree. Why is this important you ask? Because if they are very similar that means your approach needs to be similar.

Most people don’t approach their fitness with the same fervor as they did with their education. That starts with mindset. Most think that college is one of the most important undertakings of your life. So, you act accordingly. If you were to approach your fitness with that same mindset you would be able to achieve remarkable things.

Success is a formula. There are principles that will be effective regardless of the area of your life you are trying to conquer. Careers, relationships, money, school, sports, etc, all require the same kind of commitment to be successful. There is a mindset, work ethic, commitment, approach, action and evaluation process that works for all of them. If you follow the formula, you find success. If you don’t, you won’t.

So approach your fitness endeavors the same way you would approach getting a college degree. You might just find yourself a graduate of Buff University.

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