You have crabs and you don’t even know it!!!


Have you ever heard the story about crabs? No? I’ll paraphrase a bit.

There was an old man catching crabs down at the docks. He was keeping those crabs in a large bucket. A young boy walked up and noticed that the crab bucket had no lid. He asked the old man “Why” the bucket had no lid. Wasn’t he afraid the crabs would escape?

The old man told the boy to watch the crabs. The crabs would crawl and climb over each other to reach the top of the bucket. But, just as one was close enough to escape, the other crabs would climb on him and keep him down. Therefore, no crabs escaped.

Do you have crabs in your life? Do you have people that keep you down? Most of us do. The problem is that sometimes these crabs are disguised as friends, family and loved ones.

Anyone have the husband who appears to be super supportive as you start your weight loss journey, but, after you start looking and feeling good, he tells you that you “deserve” ice cream because you have been working so hard? Crab!

How about when your mom tells you that you look too skinny after losing some weight? Crab!

How about the co-worker that criticizes your healthy lunch every day? Crab!

How about the girlfriend (bestie) who wants a partner in crime and pressures you into having a few drinks? Crab!

Anyone know the guy that tells you not to throw away your “fat clothes” because you are just going to gain the weight back? Crab!

You need to deal with crabs. It is pretty hard to eliminate all crabs from your life. So, what you need to do is, eliminate crab activity. You need to come up with responses to the crab activity and stick to your guns.

You should not tolerate negative influences from the outside. The answer to that ice cream husband is…..No thanks Honey, nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Tell your Mom that you are healthy and happy in your new body then ask her if she wants you to be happy or unhappy. Tell that co-worker that your lunch makes you more efficient at your job and he better watch out because you feel a promotion coming on. Offer an alternative to your bestie that means you can spend time together but doing it in a way which is more suitable to your goals. Throw away your “fat clothes” and tell that guy that it is too late (clothes are already gone, just like the fat).

These are just some of the hundreds of ways people sabotage us. By recognizing what is going on we can combat the crabs. Otherwise we are victims of the crabs. Don’t be a victim. Recognize, counter-attack, own all of the crabs.

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