You are the killer of your own dreams.

We all hear inspirational stories about how someone has overcome the odds to achieve success. ¬†Instagram and Facebook are loaded with them. We read them. We say to ourselves “That is cool. I wish I could do that.” Then we forget about it and lose our inspiration as soon as we click on another profile or story. ¬†Gone….just like that.

Today I want it to be different. Before you read this story, I want you to write down on paper your fitness goal. Be specific. “I want to lose 40 lbs.” or “I want to fit into that little black dress.” Whatever your dream is….write it down. Then I want you to write down what is the first step you can take towards that goal. It doesn’t need to be big. It could be as simple as setting your alarm clock for tomorrow morning to workout. It could be writing a “To Do”list. Just write down an action.

On to my story. The handsome dude in the picture above is Steve Higgins (the other guy is me). Steve came to me 4 years ago. He had already started a fitness journey. He dropped a ton of weight and actually entered and competed in a bodybuilding show. For most that would be enough. Not for Steve.

Steve wanted to excel at bodybuilding, not just participate. He hired me. He had concerns at first. He was 44 years of age at the time. He asked me if he was too old to earn a Pro Card. He wanted to know if he would embarrass himself. I told him I would do everything within my power to afford him the opportunity to become the best version of himself. I told him I cannot guarantee a Pro Card but I could guarantee he would be better than he had ever been. He appreciated my candor and we started our journey.

We had a tremendous amount of success immediately. Steve was placing high at all of the contests he entered. But, the Pro Card win was always just outside his finger tips. Second place seemed to be his destiny. Hey, second place amongst the best natural bodybuilders in the world is nothing to sneeze at. But Steve started to get frustrated.

We have had many LONG talks over the last 4 years. Talks about patience and improvement and mental toughness. I encouraged and supported him. And he responded by working like an animal. He is as dedicated an athlete as I have ever worked with.

And then it happened. This weekend, Steve Higgins earned a Pro Card in both the Master’s Class and the Open Class. Yes, two Pro Cards!!!!! To top things off, he competed the next day as a Pro and came in third place….in his very first Pro Show!!!! WHEW!!!!! We made it.

I can honestly say “This was the most satisfying victory of my career.” This was 4 years of dedication, perspiration, perseverence, heart and an unwavering hunger for more. I’m not gonna lie, my eyeballs got a little sweaty.

All of my clients victories are special in their own way. Steve’s was just the longest ride with so many close calls.

Steve was just a middle aged guy who let life kill his dreams. He woke up one day and decided that he was better than that. Today, at 48 years young, he can call himself a Professional Bodybuilder.

There is a lesson here for you. If Steve can go from overweight, average Joe to Professional Bodybuilding Champ, then you can accomplish your dreams as well. You just need to take the first step you wrote down a few minutes ago.

If you don’t believe me……ask this guy.

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