Why isn’t fitness “sensible?”

I often ask myself “Why does everyone make this so difficult?” Why do so many people create drama around working out and eating right? Why does it always need to be bigger, faster, more technical, ┬ámore complicated, more bells and whistles, etc? Why can’t it just be “SENSIBLE?” How about that for a word…….SENSIBLE?

The truth is, fitness should be sensible. Doesn’t anyone see that the more complicated, technical and difficult this is the more difficult it becomes to be consistent? Let me ask you something. Why do you think there are so many theories and styles of working out? You know what I mean. There is CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Running, Bodybuilding, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Martial Arts, Cardio Kickboxing, Basketball, Metabolic Conditioning, Tabata, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You get the point, right? All of these things have had a positive impact on fitness levels the world over. Elitists can argue over who is the most fit, but does the average person really care if the CrossFit World Champion is more fit than the Olympic Gold Medalist in Decathlon? Nope (only CrossFitters care, lol). The average person just cares about losing weight, lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar and living a more productive life.

Fitness needs to be a “sensible” addition to their lifestyle. Fitness shouldn’t interject more stress into anyone’s life. Quite frankly, it is supposed to reduce stress. But that doesn’t seem to be the trend. You guys all know that “working out” is just a replica of good, old fashioned, hard work, right? Due to technology we have become less active. We don’t need to build our own houses anymore, we just buy them. We don’t need to hunt, gather, fish, farm or steal to eat. We just have pizza delivered. We don’t need to walk everywhere. We drive or fly or take a boat. All of these things that we needed to survive were physically challenging and required strength, endurance, flexibility, power, speed, etc. Because we don’t have that in our lives anymore, we need to recreate it by “working out.”

Everyone seems to be looking for the newest workout and diet. Guess what? The answer lies in your past, not your future. “Old School” is where it is at. Back in the day, fitness was incorporated into daily activities. It wasn’t separate. People were “multi-tasking” before “multi-tasking” became a thing. And you can do the same thing. There is no reason you can’t “kill two birds with one stone.” Why can’t you “multi-task?” Why can’t you park at the far end of the parking lot and walk to work, the mall, etc? You can. Why can’t you take the stairs instead of the elevator? You can. Why can’t you throw some pushups or squats into your daily activities? You can. Why can’t you eat lunch at your desk and use your lunch break to be more active? You can.

This is now more “sensible.” In today’s world who has the time to schedule the whole gym thing (changing, driving, training, driving home, showering, etc) ALL the time? Not too many people. When you have the time and the desire to “get your gym on” then by all means, do it. But have a contingency plan that allows you to squeeze fitness into your day no matter where you are or what you are doing. Life gets in the way. We all know this. So why do we not plan for it?

If you are a fitness snob, I want you to ask yourself this question. “Do I have a plan to workout under ANY conditions?” If not, then you aren’t as thorough as you may have thought. Maybe you need to come down off your high horse, revel in the Old School, and get back to being “sensible.”

Just my thoughts for the day!!!!


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