Who is the crazy one?

Let me know if you relate to these next two scenarios.

1. Lost a bunch of weight, felt great, lost your way and gained it back.

2. Trying to lose weight, signed up at the gym, hired a trainer………no weight loss, feel tired and sore all the time from the ass-beating dished out by said trainer.

Frustrated, right?

Well, I got two stories that might give you hope.

1. I worked with John back about 15 years ago. It was much earlier in my training career before I discovered some critical truths about coaching, training and weight loss. I was competent, just not at the level I am at now……who is? Anyways, I helped John lose about 100 lbs. What I was not as well versed in was helping him keep it off forever. Life has a way of beating us down and old habits creep back into our lifestyle. John is no different. As luck would have it we reconnected recently and started John back on a program on March 25th. In the 12 weeks since, John has lost 46.4 lbs. That’s an average of about 3.8 lbs per week. He has had travel, holidays and social events galore during that timeframe. Those are things that would normally sidetrack him. Our focus this time around is to make this more permanent. Yesterday we had a conversation by text. He lamented that he wishes he would have lost more weight during the 12 weeks. Hahaha…..he was always an over-achiever. My response to him was “This isn’t supposed to be all work and no play. It’s supposed to be both.” Life shouldn’t be put on hold to reach your goals.  Your goals and your life should be in perfect harmony. They should enhance each other, not detract from each other. Hope.

2. Another client, surprisingly named John as well, was frustrated that he had been breaking his ass with a trainer at the gym and wasn’t getting the results he had hoped. The scale refused to move. He ran into another client of mine…..you should all know Mac by now…….147 lbs lost in a year.  Frustration set in because John was killing himself and not making progress while Mac was losing weight at will and wasn’t suffering to do it. John called me. I started working with him two weeks ago. He has lost 5.2 lbs in those two weeks and that is in spite of a nasty bronchial infection he had to battle. Hope.

It is frustrating for me to watch people struggle with reaching their goals but continue to go nowhere. The conventional path that has been laid out before us is not always appropriate for everyone. We aren’t all 22 years old, with no responsibilities and endless amounts of time and energy. So, if you try to reach you goals by utilizing a system that doesn’t take your age, genetics, energy requirements, time restrictions, etc into account, you are setting yourself up to fail.

I have some crazy ideas. My methods are unorthodox. But damn it, my clients are healthy, happy, energized, motivated and reach their goals. So who is crazy? Think about that. Really think about that.

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