Who are you?

How do you define yourself?

Are you a mom, dad, athlete, funny, loving, early riser, work-a-holic, social butterfly or a million other ideas? Who are you?

Meet my friend Hannah. The Hannah on the right is a personal trainer, a figure competitor, a competitive runner, a super mom, a fitness nut, a successful businesswoman, a great teammate and a positive influence on many others (among thousands of other awesome characteristics).

How do you think the Hannah on the left would describe herself? The Hannah on the right is certainly a by-product of the Hannah on the left. They are both great people. But the Hannah on the left missed out on a lot of cool stuff the Hannah on the right got to do and be.

I would bet if you asked the Hannah on the left if she was a figure competitor or personal trainer she would have no idea what you were talking about. She probably would find that hard to believe.

But, guess what? It happened. It happened because the Hannah on the left decided to make a change.

We are all the Hannah on the left. We are great people who deserve to live extraordinary lives. We all have the capacity to morph into anything we want to be. We just need to decide.

I have had the extreme honor of helping Hannah realize her dreams. I’ve been helping people do that for 25 years and it never gets old.

I have put together the perfect program for someone who wants to lose weight and get in shape but is extremely busy and doesn’t know where to start. Shoot me an email if you want to be like the Hannah on the left and make the decision to change your life. You can also sign up for my newsletter by adding your email to the box below.

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