What is better…..cats or dogs?

Have you ever watched a cat stalking its prey? The eyes widen. The brow furrows. The movements become liquid, fluid, and exact. The focus never wanes. It is a steely eyed, patient, calculated approach. Nothing is left to chance. When the moment is right…..lightning!!!!!

We can learn a lot from this hunt. Cats (both big and small) are incredible hunters. They are efficient, stealthy and precise. They aren’t goofy and bumbling like dogs.

Humans should be more cat-like. Unfortunately most of us are more like dogs. When a cat first sees its prey, it never takes it’s eyes off the prey. Dogs get distracted very easily (look…a squirrel). A cat plans its attack. Dogs rush in with reckless abandon. Cats are quiet and get close without being seen or heard. Dogs are loud and aggressive. Cats waste no movements. Dogs expend energy uselessly. Cats are patient. Dogs are impulsive.

If you want to be successful at something you need to be focused. You need to be patient. You need to be calculating. You need to be undistracted. You need to be efficient. You need to plan. You need to execute with precision. And you need to wait until the perfect moment to unleash the “lightning.”

Hey, I’m a dog lover. I have two of them. They have some awesome qualities. They are friendly, loyal, fun, affectionate, playful and loving. These qualities are great for creating and maintaining relationships. But the skill set you need to accomplish goals is clearly that of the cat.

So, I guess I am saying that you have to morph between those dog and cat qualities. In a social environment, be a dog. But in business, schoolwork, losing weight, making money, moving up the ladder, or pursuing a job, be a cat.

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