What do 80’s hair bands have to do with fitness?

I agree…..fitness should be a year-long lifestyle. But, let’s face it…..we really need to take advantage of this whole resolution thing.

But, I suggest we do it right this time. Are you in?

The reason it becomes just a short few weeks of enthusiasm followed by a complete neglect of anything healthy is because of that very enthusiasm (and a culture of immediate gratification and the pussification of society…..but I digress).

The failure of most of the New Year’s Resolutions (fitness version) is due to starting at too high a level and/or progressing too quickly in the early stages. That, of course, is caused from the previously mentioned “enthusiasm” and “immediate gratification.”

I know it is a cliché but you really do need to start slow.

Let me explain how the whole thing works. Joey Bag-o-donuts (Joey…moving forward) decides that he needs to make a change. His clothes aren’t fitting all that great. He doesn’t look forward to taking his shirt off at the pool. And, Mrs. Bag-o-donuts made a comment about how “fit” their son’s baseball coach is.

So he wanders into Beefcake Gym in his new Nike kicks and Under Armor gear on January 2nd. He watched ALL of the “Rocky” movies over the Christmas break. His iPod playlist is filled with 80’s Hair Bands (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Dokken, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Scorpions, etc……I know my 80’s sh*t!!!).

Then it begins. He embarks on history’s greatest workout. He does 137 sets of chest, 89 sets of shoulders and 71 sets of triceps. He is the man!!!! He then tries to outdo himself by running two miles on the treadmill. He is huffing and puffing. He is sweating. His heart is pounding. He feels great! Or at least he tells himself he does.

Then it is off to the sauna to sweat out the toxins (or what remains of a glass of water he had in middle school). A shower and a drive home ends the experience.

Although incredibly sore, he continues a similar process for the next 10 days.

Then one day (day 11 actually) he doesn’t make it to the gym. He tells himself that it is OK because he has worked so hard for a week and a half and his body could use a rest.

The next day on his fitness calendar is July 3rd. He is at the beach for the Fourth of July holiday weekend and he doesn’t want to take his shirt off.

Sound familiar?

It is an all too common occurrence.

The bottom line is that Joey started by doing too much. He could survive the workouts but chemically and hormonally his body was making adjustments behind the scenes. His body perceived a threat (too much exercise) and created a way to protect itself by making Joey both hungry and tired (thereby killing his drive).

You need a program that is designed for your needs….not Joey’s…..yours. It needs to take your unique situation into account. It needs to fit in a way that your body can adapt and make progress. And it needs to be challenging enough but gentle to the hormonal system.

Does your program do that? Do you know if your program does that?

If you don’t want to be Joey and you want Mrs. Bag-o-donuts to be looking at you instead of the coach then you better have a program that will last more than 10 days.

Just saying.

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