We are all crazy!!!

You know we are all crazy, right? Yup! Everyone of us is crazy. Some of us are a little higher of the cray-cray scale but we are all nuts in our own way.

Fitness is a perfect example of our craziness. How about this. Common sense tells us that if we don’t get in a workout then dieting becomes even more important. That makes sense right? We all know that controlling weight is really just a mathematical equation…..calories in vs. calories out. So, if we don’t burn those extra calories by way of a workout then to control our weight we need to make sure our calories stay down.

Is that what we do? Nope!!!!!! We do the opposite. We say to ourselves (in our crazy voice) “Self, I blew off my workout this morning so let’s get all of the decadence out of our system and we will start again tomorrow.” Then we proceed to add insult to injury. Right? You know I am.

Just so you know….that is crazy!!! C-R-A-Z-Y.

Fitness is not an activity that has a beginning and an end. It is constant (either in a good way or bad). We rationalize by saying “I blew my diet (or workout plan) so I might as well enjoy myself then start over.”

Just because you had a bad moment or day doesn’t mean that you go back to the starting line. If you lose 40 lbs and then have a bad day, does the 40 lbs come right back on instantaneously? Of course not! But (here is where the crazy slides in) if we take the position that we blew it and are going to splurge it out of our system, then we put ourselves back on the road to regaining that 40 lbs. Does that make any sense?

This process is always in flux. We are always making adjustments along the way. It is no different than the navigation system of an airplane. The airplane is constantly being prompted to make small adjustments to keep it moving in the right direction. Tailwinds, headwinds, weather conditions, etc, all disrupt the plane’s direction. The navigation system interpretes these and slightly moves the plane back on course.

We need to handle our fitness in a similar manner. Small adjustments in response to what is going on around us will get us there…..not turning the plane around and going back to the airport.

Two things to remember…..you are crazy like the rest of us AND you need to make adjustments all the time….like an airplane.

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