Things you absolutely must know or you will fail!!!

Hey Gang,

We are all getting geared up to have unbridled success losing weight with our impending “New Year’s Resolution”!!!!! Are you on board?

All we have to do is squeeeeeeze in a few more days of decadence before going “beast mode” and returning to our best shape ever.

This is gonna be epic!!!

The hard part is making the decision to start, right? And, we have made that decision. Nothing can stop us now!!!!!

I’m really proud of you. I just have a few “minor” questions about the program you are about to begin.

Want is your Basal Metabolic Rate? What is your Body Fat Percentage? What is your Lean Body Mass? How many calories are you going to eat per day? What are the ratios of your macro-nutrients? What type of resistance training will you be performing? How many sets? How many reps? How many body parts per day? What type of cardio will you be performing? How long? At what intensity? How much will you increase your training volume per week?

Sorry, I’m a curious little bugger. But seriously, do you know these details about your program? Most people don’t. Your trainer had better know then……oops……don’t have a trainer? Hmmm.

Here’s the problem. If you don’t know your Basal Metabolic Rate, Lean Body Mass and Body Fat Percentage it will be difficult to figure out how many calories you need to eat daily to reach your goals. If you eat too much, you will gain weight. If you eat too little, you will get hungry and eventually give in to temptation (frequently). If you eat exactly at your metabolic rate, you will neither gain or lose weight and will become frustrated from the lack of movement on the scale.

If you don’t know what type of resistance training you will do or how many sets and reps, your body will not respond in the manner you had expected.

If you don’t know how frequently, how intense, or the duration of your cardio, you may be over-training and setting yourself up for failure moving forward. This could be because of exhaustion, injuries or boredom.

I know this seems like a lot. But, these things are vital to your success.

Any of you putting a kid through college? You wouldn’t just drop your kid off at the front steps of UMass in September without doing the legwork, would you? Of course not. You need to apply, interview, visit, apply for financial aid, pick housing, choose course load, pick a meal plan, pick a major, read the rules and regulations, etc, etc.

Well then, WHY, are you just gonna show up at Planet Fitness on January 2nd completely unprepared? If your college student would be destined to fail without the proper preparation, what makes you think you can “wing it?”

You have a choice. You can either be one of the millions of American’s that start a New Year’s Resolution and fail….or… can be one of the small percentage that have incredible success.

What’s it gonna be?

I help people succeed. That’s my shtick!!!! That’s my thing. I create UNBELIEVABLE TRANSFORMATIONS. If you have been following my emails, blog, Facebook page or Instagram account you have seen what I do.

I can do that for you. Or, you can join the herd.

This can be the year. Mac lost 117 pounds this year (since May 5th). Dan lost 46 pounds this year (since September 15th). And Diane lost 17 pounds this year (in the last few months). Brittany won a World Championship and a pro card this year. Jessica also won her pro card this year. John got off blood pressure medication this year. Etc, etc.

They all had goals on January 1st and they all reached out for help with those goals. You are now in the exact same position as they were a year ago.

I’ll be here for ya!!!!!

Bill Murphy
Murphy’s Law Nutrition & Fitness

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