The secret to becoming an early-riser!


Are you not a “morning person?” Do you find it difficult to get your behind out of the rack before the sun comes up? Are you master of the snooze alarm?

That is not a “personality” disorder. It is also not genetic. You are not born an early riser or night owl. It is a consequence of how you live your life. In other words, you have created it. Not only did you create it, but, you also reinforced it through massive repetition.

The cool thing about that fact is that you are in a position to change it. Had it been genetic, there would be nothing you could do about it.

Most of the issues with not doing the things you know you need to do are related to “making decisions from a position of strength.”

Let’s use working out in the morning as an example. No matter how bad you want to get up and get it done, if you don’t put yourself in a position to succeed you will have difficulty.

What most people do is tell themselves the night before that they are gonna go for a run in the morning. They set their alarm. Then they go to bed. The next morning they hit the snooze 3-4 times and never get their workout in. Why?

Because they haven’t made the decision when they were strong. They made the decision when they are tired and in a nice, warm, cozy bed.

The decision needs to be made way earlier when you aren’t tired and in that sweet spot in bed. The decision needs to be made the night before. The way you make permanent, strong decisions is to take action on them.

So, the night before, you need to set out your workout attire for the next morning (action). You need to get to bed earlier than usual to allow you to be better rested when you attempt to rise (action). You need to avoid heavy, carb laden meals before getting into bed (action). Maybe you make plans with a friend to run together (accountability and action). And, of course, setting the alarm clock with an appropriate amount of allowance for the planned activity.

Every time you take action on a goal, it strengthens the decision. So, if you follow the actions steps listed above you have greatly strengthened the decision. Once that decision is strong enough, it becomes a foregone conclusion. In other words, there is nothing that will deter you from getting out of bed.

The other component that will strengthen all decision making is “how important is it to you?” We can usually get out of bed for important things like job interviews, work, school, etc. No matter how tired or cozy you are, you know that you NEED to get up.

You need to tell yourself that your goal is as important as all those other important things in your life. You can get out of bed if your kids need you, right? How about your dog? If Rover starts scratching at the door to go out at 5am in the snow, you can get your butt up right?

This can be done through repetition as well. Write down your goal often. Put reminders all over your life. Sticky notes work great for this. Meditate about it and create some positive self talk (what you say to yourself in your head).

If you take all the steps listed above it will be virtually impossible for you to fail when that alarm chimes. Make decisions ahead of time. Strengthen them with massive action. And, tell yourself constantly that you are going to succeed. Good Luck on becoming an early riser.


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