The part of your body you have neglected to train


You were trained to learn subjects in school. You were trained to perform your duties at work. You were trained on the computer. You were trained in sports. You were trained to drive your car. You trained your kids. You trained your dog. You train in the gym.

You just were never trained to think.

Thinking is a skill that needs practice and refinement just like those other skills.

Just like those other skills, it would be wise to find a mentor, teacher, or tutor to guide you on that journey.

Just like those other skills, the more practice and time you put in, the better the results.

Just like those other skills, you need to create a pattern of behavior.

Just like those other skills, you need to set time aside and plan.

Just like those other skills, there will be days where you don’t feel like doing it.

And just like those other skills, if you stay with it, the rewards are worth the battle.

If you are a negative person most of the time, you need to train yourself to be positive.

If you are afraid, you need to train in courage.

If you procrastinate, you need to train in practicing a sense of urgency.

If you have trouble getting up in the morning or being on time, you need to train in promptness.

The most encouraging part of this whole ordeal is that you have control over all these things. They are not a curse upon you. You can get substantially better at just about anything this world deals you. That is true EMPOWERMENT!!!!

Start training to correct the things that bother you about yourself. Take small steps at first, then build slowly. Use skills that you already learned at work, in school, with your kids, with your dog, in your new endeavor. Be consistent and stay the course until you become a seasoned pro. Smile the whole time. Peace.

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