Stop chasing Pokemon through the neighborhood.

Why aren’t you taking advantage of technology?

We have apps for everything today. We have devices galore. We can pay our bills, track our expenses, find the calorie content of a yam only found in the southwest corner of the Phillipines, GPS our run, count our steps, monitor our heartbeat, match our steps to a musical beat, and even chase a gosh darn Pokemon through the neighborhood.

Are you having trouble getting motivated? There’s an app for that. You have trouble remembering? There’s an app for that too. You have trouble with accountability? App! You need variety on your workout? App!

So, why aren’t you using all of this cool stuff?

Can we both agree that you should be using some of these things? Yes? Good. We now finally agree on something.

So, now that we agree, what should you use? Here are my favorites.

#1: Food Tracker App. There are a hundred of them. I’ve used “Lose It” and “My Fitness Pal.” ┬áThese are vital to keeping you honest on your diet…which is 80-90% of losing weight. Make sure it is simple to use and can sync with other apps that are helpful. You should be able to look up the food value of just about any food and keep a running log of your macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, fat).

#2: Activity Tracker. There are a bunch. Fit Bit seems to be the most popular. I use Vivofit by Garmin. The app syncs with the “My Fitness Pal” app as well so there is less data for me to enter. These devices can be incredibly helpful to keep you mindful. They also add a bit of competition with yourself.

#3: GPS Watch or App for your phone. These are great for runners, walkers and bikers. You can track any route and know exactly how far you have gone. They also have value as far as safety goes. No one needs to get lost on a run.

#4: Digital Food Scale. My bodybuilding clients are required to have one. They are not allowed to “eyeball” their food. I’m not saying that the average person needs to be that precise but what it will do is give you a better idea when you do “eyeball” your food. If you have measured out 4 oz. of chicken a thousand times you have a good idea of what 4 oz. of chicken looks like when the scale isn’t available. Sorry bodybuilders, you still need to measure EVERYTHING!!!

#5: Meditation App. Meditation apps have many different uses from stress relief to help sleeping to creativity. I use BrainWave Binaural Programs. Put on your headphones, hit the app and chill. We all need to chill.

These are just a few of the thousands of devices and apps that can make reaching our fitness goals easier and more fun. But the bottom line is that you need to get off your butt and DO the things you are supposed to do. There isn’t an app that will eat and workout for you yet……YET!

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