Start your goals off on the right foot.

If you are preparing a New Year’s Resolution then the next two days will probably include a goal setting exercise. Some are more elaborate than others, but, there needs to be some type of planning.

Goal setting exercises are extremely important. How are you going to know how to reach your goal if you don’t plan for it? The problem is that it can be time consuming to write out a complete exercise. I’m not gonna lie, those long drawn out exercises are very effective. But how effective are they if you don’t spend the time doing them? Not very.

So I’m going to streamline the process for you. I want you to get out a pencil and paper. No, not your iPad or laptop….a pencil and paper. The iPad and computer come later.

I want you to write “2017 Goal” at the top. Good. For the sake of demonstration I’m gonna assume your goal is weight loss. So under the “2017” heading I want you to write “Lose Weight.” Got it?

Now comes the hard part. Under that you need to define “Lose Weight.” In other words, how much? Think long and hard about this. Do you want to settle or do you want an end game weight loss where you will be happy forever? I suggest the end game. It is much more inspirational to feel completely and totally happy than to just not cry every night……get me?

Next you need to put a date on it. In other words, you will lose x amount of weight by such and such a date. Keep in mind that healthy weight loss is usually between 1-2.5 pounds per week. Do the math. Use a calculator if need be.

So you should have a firm date at which your weight loss will be accomplished. Put it on your calendar in big, bold letters or red marker. Make it stand out. Now go back through every week and put the number you should be reaching on the calendar. For example, if you have 20 pounds to lose, and you anticipate losing 1.5 pounds per week, it would take about 13 weeks to get there. So 13 weeks from now put your goal weight on the calendar. Then backtrack and add 1.5 pounds every week, which would bring you back to the here and now and your current weight. This way you have a large goal and also small weekly goals.

Now I’m gonna go a little “psychology” on your ass. I want you write down “Why” you want to accomplish your goal. When you get an answer, I want you to ask why again and so on and so forth. For example: Why do you want to lose weight? Because I don’t feel good about myself. Why does that bother you? Because I feel self conscious in public. Why is that a problem? Because I’ve been overweight most of my life. Why is that an issue. Because when I was younger I got made fun of. Why did that bother you? Well, I just wanted to be like everyone else. WHOA!!! Slow down. We just went from wanting to lose weight to wanting to be accepted in about 5 “Whys”. Now we are hitting on real motivation, not some cover up about how you are concerned about health etc (side note: you should be concerned about health but I find that most people have other things that drive them like self esteem, acceptance or becoming more attractive to the opposite sex).

Now copy all of this onto your iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc. where it will be seen by you frequently throughout your day.

You are now done with the abbreviated version of a goal setting exercise. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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