Pumpkin donuts can teach you a lesson


Today is Labor Day!!! Tomorrow starts the second biggest fitness resolution of the year, slightly behind New Year’s.

Why? Because tomorrow marks the return to normalcy. The kids go back to school. Vacations are over. We start to conform to a routine. The unofficial end of summer is upon us and it brings with it a shifting of gears.

This shift involves an evaluation of ourselves. We start to analyze our physiques. We start to pay more attention to our life goals. In essence, we evolve back into a normal human being and leave vacation mode in our dust.

This is a great opportunity. Most of our counterparts are involved in the same kind of transformation. Therefore, there is a collective mindset that filters through the air. It permeates the universe and you cannot help but be affected by it.

You need to grasp this opportunity because it is fleeting. Pumpkin beer, muffins, coffee, donuts, etc are showing up all around you. I want you to think about that for a moment.

Why do you think these products start to infiltrate our consciousness just before Labor Day? Because marketers are well aware of the mental shift that takes place immediately following the end of the summer holiday. They are tuned into the fact that we are shifting into “Fall” mode. They understand that the shift happens within 12 hours (from Monday night into Tuesday morning). And they are prepared to take full advantage of it. They don’t wait. They “Crush It” from day one.

You need to follow their lead. Today you need to plan your tomorrow. Don’t wait until tomorrow and then “wing it” once you rise. Be like these motivated, ruthless, opportunistic marketers. Get your ducks in a row so that you can be successful first thing tomorrow morning. Don’t wait.

Opportunities will define you, even the ones you miss. Be prepared. Welcome to the second biggest fitness movement of the year. Take it for all it is worth.

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