No bacon and pancakes, thanks

Good morning!!!! Isn’t that an awesome greeting? Birds are chirping. Sun is rising. Everything seems new and fresh. And then someone says “Good morning” to you. Ahhhh. What a great start.

Morning does have some special magic to it as far as fitness goes. Don’t get me wrong, working out at any time of the day is the most important thing. But, the morning holds a few extra tidbits of benefit.

First of all, the only thing a morning workout interferes with is sleep. For the most part, normal daily activities that can have a tendency to sidetrack us from our fitness goals aren’t there. The kids are asleep. It’s too early to do house work or yard work. Our J-O-B hasn’t started yet. There’s no traffic. There’s no soccer practice. No one is calling and asking for your help. There’s just you, the birds, the sun and a few dog walkers.

So, from a semantics perspective, morning is the best time to get your workout in. There is less of everything, less obligation, less distraction and less interference.

Although sometimes it may not feel like it, you actually have more energy in the morning. Yes that initial shock of the alarm clock and the shaking off of cobwebs doesn’t feel so energetic, but once you get moving everything falls into place. It is certainly a better time (from an energy perspective) than after a full day of working and running around.

These things are great and they are helpful, but there is something even more magical about morning workouts. It puts you in the right mindset!!!

You have all heard the saying “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” I’m calling bulls**t on that. There is no “right” or “wrong” side of the bed. It’s an analogy that means you are in a negative state of mind.

Morning workouts change that. They put you back on the “right” side of the bed. Plus, you now start your day by making an investment in yourself. You are much more likely to follow through with an eating plan if you have already put some sweat equity into your day. Even your self sabotaging brain has trouble chowing down on bacon and pancakes after a morning workout. It just isn’t congruent.

Give the morning a shot. It may take a week or so to adapt, but I think you will love the results once you do.

Good Morning and have a great day!!!

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