Summer was over-rated anyways ?

Although the end of the summer isn’t official for a couple of weeks, most of us are done with vacations and the kids are back to school.

As much as we don’t want to, we are ushering in another season. Hey, I’m gonna miss the beach. I’m not looking forward to adding more clothes. And the prospect of being cold makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. Let’s be positive here and only think about the pros.

Here are my “pros” to the end of summer.

1. You can get back to a normal routine

2. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities (running, hiking, walking, biking, etc)

3. The draw of cookouts and pool parties disappears

4. My farmer’s tan will fade

5. The turning of a page is like a “reset” button

6. Pumpkin is healthy

7. Thankgiving is a great deadline. For example……I want to lose 20lbs by Thanksgiving…..etc.

8. Apple season

9. Football

10. “Hot” instead of “Ice” Coffee

There’s always yin and yang, good and bad, black and white. Focus on the positive. Find the best in every situation.

Use this time to re-invigorate your fitness goals. Summer beat you up pretty good. Use the Fall to get back on track and move closer to your goals.

The urge to stretch the summer out will be strong. Resist it. You are in a new phase now.

You are badass and you don’t even know it!

At some point in your life you were badass. Yup, everyone has a moment or two where they were tough.

Toughness comes in many different forms. It isn’t always relegated to physical prowess or fighting ability. On the contrary, mental toughness is more common AND everyone has the ability to dig it out of themselves.

Now, maybe you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. You never played football, took karate, ran a tough mudder, crushed beer cans off your head (stupid….not tough) or any of those macho endeavors. But, at some point, you were tough.

Maybe you gave birth (crazy, super, insanely tough) or worked your ass off to bring up your grades in school. Maybe you stood up to the bully or, better yet, controlled your rage and didn’t give in to jealousy, hate and anger. Maybe you worked a ton of overtime and saved to buy a house or struggled but came up with the money for your kids to have a great Christmas. Maybe you forgave someone that had wronged you. Maybe you comforted someone who needed it. Maybe you stayed up all night taking care of a sick child. Maybe you were scared to death to give a presentation but found a way to overcome that fear. Maybe you risked embarrassment but asked the cute girl out anyways.

These are all badass, tough actions. And you have done them.

The reason I am bringing this up is because you can’t learn from something you haven’t acknowledged. You have to give yourself credit that you do indeed know how to be badass, before you can evaluate the process and recreate it.

So, if you are struggling in any area of your life, I want you to remember a time when you were a total badass. How did that happen? What were you thinking? How were you feeling? How did you get yourself to do the things you did?

Once you find the reasons, you need to apply them to the situation you are struggling in now.

If you were able to stay up all night taking care of your sick child, ask yourself why? Love….right? That child is more important than your own needs, right? You need to approach your new problem with the same fervor you approached all those other moments when you were badass.

You have to make it important to you. Doing cardio needs to be more important than hitting the snooze button and getting 20 more minutes of sleep. Food shopping needs to be more important than watching Sports Center. The gym needs to be frequented more than the bar.

These are just fitness examples but this approach can be used in any area of your life.

Find your inner badass. It’s in there, trust me. It may have cobwebs on it……but it is there. When you unleash it you will feel a rush that has been missing from your life for a while. It will rejuvenate you. It will lift your spirits. It will give you hope and strength. It will give you purpose and make you feel alive again.

Tell me your badass story. I would love to hear it.

Where is the best place to workout?

Here is something most people don’t consider when deciding to workout. Surroundings.

We think about what kind of exercise, how much it will cost, what we need for equipment, what we need for clothing, where is it located, who are we doing it with, etc. But we don’t actually think about the surroundings as a major factor in the decision.

Surroundings are a bigger factor than you think. Some people make this great plan to workout at home. They invest in equipment, clean out a room and think that the convenience of working out at home will inspire them to be more consistent. Common sense tells us that this is a solid plan. Then why are so many home gyms being used as clothes racks? Because common sense doesn’t take emotion into account. Some people just want to get out of the damn house. So, working out at home can feel like just another chore you are doing at home. It can be no different than doing laundry or the dishes. That’s not real motivating, is it?

I have met many gym owners who actually go to another gym to workout. Why? It is because of similar reasons. Not only is it “work” but there are also business distractions that can intervene during your workout. It really is no different than home.

Then there is the gym. Once again, common sense tells us that lots of people go to the gym, so it must be the ideal place to workout. There are weights, machines, personal trainers, classes, etc. Then why are so many gym memberships going unused? Because some people are intimidated by the gym. Plain and simple. If you aren’t feeling great about yourself it can be hard to workout in public.

My point here is that we need to stop trying to put square pegs into round holes. Think of an environment that excites you and workout there. Maybe it is the beach, the mountains, the park, etc. Maybe the gym does inspire you. Maybe your home gym does the trick.

I’ve found that the most successful and consistent people have a feel for their emotional preferences at any given point in time.  They mix and match their environment based on how they feel. If they don’t feel like dealing with people, they might workout at home or go for a run. If the weather is great they might take advantage of the beach or park. And, if they are looking for that energy that can come from the gym, they go there.

Pigeon-holing yourself into one strategy will usually backfire. Create multiple workouts in multiple environments and chose whichever tickles your fancy. Consistency is THE most important aspect of being successful at this whole fitness “schtick.” Learn how to gage what your emotional side wants and then chose wisely.

How to get a Mercedes

We are “Daydreamers.” We spend idle time thinking about hitting the lottery, or never having to work again, or being on permanent vacation.

That’s normal. But probably not useful.

Believe it or not, you control those thoughts. They aren’t as random as you may think. We usually think about those things to engage in some escapism. Watching TV, reading, listening to music and a bunch of other stuff acts in the same way. It is fun to forget about your own personal reality and dream about hitting the game winning RBI in the World Series or living at the beach and being served Margarita’s.

But usually you are no closer to those things after dreaming about them. They are just pleasant dreams that give you a couple of minutes of “feel good.”

Now, I’m not saying you should give up your dreams. On the contrary, I’m want you to continue to dream. I want you to dream hard and vivid. I want your dreams to be so good that you feel like they actually happened.  I want you to smell, feel, see, hear and taste it as if you were really there. Hell, if you are gonna dream, go big!!!

But (there is always a “but” right?), I want you to add action steps to those dreams. For example, if you want to drive around in a Mercedes, I want you to go test drive one. You can do that, right? It would be fun. Then I want you to come up with three ways to potentially own one. So every time you daydream about that Mercedes those action steps will pop into your head. Now you are using the power of your dreams to plant powerful messages in your brain.

Do this with anything you desire and think about often. Attach action steps and make them meaningful. Test driving the Mercedes will strengthen your desire. Attaching action steps while you are in that euphoric state will intensify the thought. The more intense the thoughts, the more likely you are to pursue them.

The final step is to add this dream exercise into your “To Do” List. Make the action steps part of your “To Do” List as well.

Action trumps all thought. Thought without action yields nothing. Action (even imperfect action) without thought will yield a little. Action combined with thought is the lottery ticket you have been dreaming of.

Is Murphy’s Law preventing you from losing weight?

I’ve been working with a group of remarkable people. They are all using a program I developed to lose weight and regain health. They have all been incredibly successful…….and happy.

I discovered that people had the same complaints about traditional fitness and weight loss strategies. No matter what program they use or what trainer they hire or which class they attend (Zumba, Spin, Cardio Kickboxing, etc) they all have the same excuses as to why their efforts have not been rewarded.

Do you want to know what those complaints are? See if these apply to you at all.

1) TIME. Everyone complains about time. There isn’t enough to time to change, get to the gym, workout, then get home. We are all crazy busy with work, kids, the house, pets… guys know the routine, right?

2) ENERGY. It seems like nobody has the energy to even get through the day, nevermind break your butt in the gym for an hour. People are tired from all of the running around. Add some extra weight and lack of sleep to the equation and it really is no surprise that people aren’t excited about going to the gym.

3) LIMITATIONS. This is a wide category. It could be an injury or physical challenge or it could be circumstances beyond your control like work, the weather, traffic, etc.

These are the big three. I want you to ask yourself a question. If you could control these three factors, do you think you could reach your fitness/weight loss goals?

I know you can, because I’m working with people right now who are overcoming these challenges. They all have been beaten down by trying to adhere to traditional programs that are time and energy intensive and don’t take Murphy’s Law into account.

Murphy’s Law states “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

The program I developed is designed to cure Murphy’s Law. The workouts are short (5 min) and can be done anywhere under any conditions. There is no need for a gym membership or fancy equipment. The eating plan is simple and easy to follow yet allows for you to splurge.

It may fly in the face of everything you have come to believe about weight loss, but results don’t lie. Mac lost 147lbs in the past year, Dan lost 60lbs since the middle of September. John B has lost 47.6lbs since the middle of March and John L has lost 10.2lbs in the last four weeks. Results!!!!

All of these clients have been in traditional programs (many of them) over the course of their lives. But, the big three (time, energy and limitations) prevented them from moving forward. My cure for Murphy’s Law got them back on track. They all have stated that their energy has increased remarkably. They have more time in their day and they don’t let limitations and circumstances get in their way. Their doctors are incredibly happy as well.

Shoot me a message or email if you want to hear more about this cure for Murphy’s Law. This is unless you want to continue to go the traditional route and be frustrated, tired and a victim of life’s little curveballs.

God Bless the U.S.A.

Happy Birthday America!!!!

We live in the greatest country in the world. This is the land of opportunity. It is a place where anyone can rise from meager beginnings to unparalleled success. The underdog can thrive here. The possibilities are endless and hope rules the day.

Sooooo….how do you say “thanks” to the country that provides you and your family with all of this? I think the best way is to take advantage of these opportunities. Thriving in all that this country has to offer is the best way to honor your country. Live well. Share. Be kind. Enjoy all the magnificence and beauty.

Enjoy your family and friends today. Reflect on all that we have been given. Smile at the opportunities that are right at our fingertips. Respect those that have given their lives and those that serve our country in the military. Bask in the beauty.

Most of all, make a promise to yourself to maintain the same level of patriotism that you feel today throughout the year.

God Bless the U.S.A.

Who is the crazy one?

Let me know if you relate to these next two scenarios.

1. Lost a bunch of weight, felt great, lost your way and gained it back.

2. Trying to lose weight, signed up at the gym, hired a trainer………no weight loss, feel tired and sore all the time from the ass-beating dished out by said trainer.

Frustrated, right?

Well, I got two stories that might give you hope.

1. I worked with John back about 15 years ago. It was much earlier in my training career before I discovered some critical truths about coaching, training and weight loss. I was competent, just not at the level I am at now……who is? Anyways, I helped John lose about 100 lbs. What I was not as well versed in was helping him keep it off forever. Life has a way of beating us down and old habits creep back into our lifestyle. John is no different. As luck would have it we reconnected recently and started John back on a program on March 25th. In the 12 weeks since, John has lost 46.4 lbs. That’s an average of about 3.8 lbs per week. He has had travel, holidays and social events galore during that timeframe. Those are things that would normally sidetrack him. Our focus this time around is to make this more permanent. Yesterday we had a conversation by text. He lamented that he wishes he would have lost more weight during the 12 weeks. Hahaha…..he was always an over-achiever. My response to him was “This isn’t supposed to be all work and no play. It’s supposed to be both.” Life shouldn’t be put on hold to reach your goals.  Your goals and your life should be in perfect harmony. They should enhance each other, not detract from each other. Hope.

2. Another client, surprisingly named John as well, was frustrated that he had been breaking his ass with a trainer at the gym and wasn’t getting the results he had hoped. The scale refused to move. He ran into another client of mine… should all know Mac by now…….147 lbs lost in a year.  Frustration set in because John was killing himself and not making progress while Mac was losing weight at will and wasn’t suffering to do it. John called me. I started working with him two weeks ago. He has lost 5.2 lbs in those two weeks and that is in spite of a nasty bronchial infection he had to battle. Hope.

It is frustrating for me to watch people struggle with reaching their goals but continue to go nowhere. The conventional path that has been laid out before us is not always appropriate for everyone. We aren’t all 22 years old, with no responsibilities and endless amounts of time and energy. So, if you try to reach you goals by utilizing a system that doesn’t take your age, genetics, energy requirements, time restrictions, etc into account, you are setting yourself up to fail.

I have some crazy ideas. My methods are unorthodox. But damn it, my clients are healthy, happy, energized, motivated and reach their goals. So who is crazy? Think about that. Really think about that.

Magnificent Monday!!!

This meme doesn’t mean that you cannot seek help. As a matter of fact, you SHOULD seek help from qualified people who can impart their knowledge and experience.

But, you are ultimately responsible for your results. Your coach, mentor, teacher doesn’t do the work for you. And, contrary to popular belief, they cannot motivate you either. Motivation is entirely internal. No coach can motivate a person who is not driven to succeed.

Your interpretations of the world around you will motivate you. Your desire will motivate you. That little voice inside your head will motivate you. But your coach will not.

So, stop looking to point the finger. Stop blaming your lack of success on another person, plan or excuse. Take responsibility. Own it. Then crush the plan with a relentless intensity. Your success or failure is entirely on your shoulders. That’s a good thing. If it were up to someone else you would never be able to achieve it. But, because it is yours and yours alone, you are in the driver’s seat.

It’s Monday. Not just any ordinary Monday. This is the Monday you have waited for your entire life. This is THAT Monday. You know…..the Monday you will look back on and say “That’s the day it all started.” Put it in red on your calendar. Magnificent Monday!!!!!

We all have a superhero switch, what’s yours?

We all have a superhero switch. There is something inside each and every one of us that, once activated, turns us into “that guy (or girl).”

Why is it that, we have wanted something for a long time, but have been unable to act in accordance with that desire? Then, one day, in an instant, we just stop taking “no” for an answer. We stop permitting behavior that is preventing us from reaching our goals. We become driven, almost obsessive. We sacrifice what we have been unwilling to sacrifice up to that point. Our every thought is focused on our goal. How does this happen?

Something activated our superhero switch.

I coached four young ladies as they prepared and competed in a bodybuilding contest this past weekend. At some point, their superhero switch was activated. They gave up poor food choices. They stopped drinking alcohol. They sacrificed sleep to get up and workout in the morning. They avoided social environments that were not conducive to their goals. They attended posing classes every Saturday afternoon. They submerged themselves in all of the small details associated with competing (tan, hair, makeup, suit, etc).

You may have never competed in a bodybuilding show before, but you have had periods of your life where you were focused. You have had times where you were obsessed and willing to sacrifice just about anything to reach your goal. Think about it. Maybe it happened while playing sports, getting a college degree, passing the real estate exam, getting your driver’s license, buying a house, getting pregnant, getting promoted, hunting, starting a business, impressing a member of the opposite sex, etc.

Think long and hard about the decision you made to pursue those things. Why were you able to accomplish those things? What flipped your superhero switch?

This deep thinking exercise is vital to your success moving forward. If you don’t activate your superhero switch, you will be on the outside looking in at all the things you want in this life. It doesn’t matter what it is.

No one can tell you what activates your superhero switch. Only you can do that. You need to do some soul searching to figure that out. But once you do, you will have the key to unlocking your true potential. You will achieve and exceed your goals every time you activate that switch. The switch is universal to. You can apply it to any area of your life.

Sometimes pain activates the switch. Other times desire does the trick. Dig it out. Find the reason. Recognize it. Then use it to get what you want. This isn’t fiction or comic books. This is real. It exists. You just need to find it.

Why are you so critical of everyone else?

We aren’t really good at evaluating ourselves.

We have this built in defense mechanism that tries to protect us from pain. This defense mechanism changes the way we see, hear, smell, feel and remember. It does it’s job by protecting us, but it isn’t based in reality.

This is where the phrase “you hear what you want to hear” comes from. This is how people seem to miss things that are obvious to the rest of us.

This defense mechanism is guided by our emotions. Therein lies the problem. Our emotions aren’t always aligned with the facts. We see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear and remember what we want to remember.

I see this in police work every day. How can two witnesses recall seemingly different facts about the exact same incident? It happens all the time. Emotions can change the way you view everything……especially yourself.

If you want to be successful at anything you must first evaluate yourself honestly, without the handicap of emotion. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What do you need assistance with? Who can help you achieve that goal? How important is it to you? What are you willing to sacrifice? What are you not willing to sacrifice?

Be as honest as you can. Pretend you are evaluating someone else’s performance. We are masters at breaking down someone else’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities. We even go so far as to compare them to how we would have handled it. Think about how critical you are of everyone else (friends, family, co-workers, even professional athletes and coaches).

If you hold yourself up to that same level of criticism, you will learn a ton about yourself. And that will give you insight into what needs to change. Or, you can continue to be easy on yourself and live a lie. It’s up to you.