Magnificent Monday!!!

This meme doesn’t mean that you cannot seek help. As a matter of fact, you SHOULD seek help from qualified people who can impart their knowledge and experience.

But, you are ultimately responsible for your results. Your coach, mentor, teacher doesn’t do the work for you. And, contrary to popular belief, they cannot motivate you either. Motivation is entirely internal. No coach can motivate a person who is not driven to succeed.

Your interpretations of the world around you will motivate you. Your desire will motivate you. That little voice inside your head will motivate you. But your coach will not.

So, stop looking to point the finger. Stop blaming your lack of success on another person, plan or excuse. Take responsibility. Own it. Then crush the plan with a relentless intensity. Your success or failure is entirely on your shoulders. That’s a good thing. If it were up to someone else you would never be able to achieve it. But, because it is yours and yours alone, you are in the driver’s seat.

It’s Monday. Not just any ordinary Monday. This is the Monday you have waited for your entire life. This is THAT Monday. You know…..the Monday you will look back on and say “That’s the day it all started.” Put it in red on your calendar. Magnificent Monday!!!!!

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