Mad Scientist discovers key to weight loss!!!


“The past” plays an important part in your fitness journey. Actually, it plays a big part in every aspect of your life.

We are shaped by our experiences. Everything we have heard, seen, or felt is carried with us forever. Most of these things are not conscious to us. They dwell in the darkest reaches of our subconscious minds.

Every experience, good or bad, has created the person you are today. Your reaction to, and interpretation of, these experiences is the underlying reason “why” you do the things you do on a daily basis.

The reason you chose the clothing you are wearing, the haircut you are sporting, the language you use, the friends you hang around with and the job you do, are a result of your interpretations of your world.

Had you interpreted your past differently all of these things might be different than they are now.

The same holds true in fitness. Your experiences in trying to reach your fitness goals are a direct result of your perceived success’ and failures in the past.

For example, I have probably 85% of prospective clients tell me that they have been “successful” in the past using (insert any commercial weight loss plan, weight watchers, nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc). I then proceed to ask them if their goal when they started this plan was to lose 15 lbs only to gain 25 lbs after. They look at me like I’m crazy and say “No, why would I plan that?” My response is “You told me that you were successful. So I figured the results you achieved were planned.” The puzzled look returns to their face and they say “That’s not what I mean.” I respond by saying “Well, did you lose 15 lbs and then gain 25 lbs after?” They answer “Yes.” I then say “It is time to re-define the word “success.”

The problem with carrying around the concept that a plan worked for you is that it may not be true. Almost all weight loss plans have the perception of success in the first two weeks. Because these plans usually involve exercise and a reduction in the amount of food someone eats there will be weight loss due to less water retention. Even crappy plans have this kind of “perceived success” in the first couple of weeks. But, this is just smoke and mirrors.

Real success comes from implementing a plan over a significant amount of time, learning how your body reacts to food and exercise and developing life skills that you can use to overcome any adversity. Having the capacity to gain or lose weight at your whim is the ultimate success story (yes, there are many people who are trying to “gain” weight).

The only way you can do that is to become like a scientist. You need to forget all preconceived notions you previously had about food and exercise. You need to take emotion and hope out of the equation. And you need to let the experiment speak for itself.

Your past will keep pointing you in one direction. If you have been unsuccessful at achieving your goals it is crazy to listen to this voice inside your head.

You need to think outside the box and be courageous. I design plans for people all the time. Most of my plans are completely contrary to the average persons idea of dieting and exercising. It takes a while for me to gain their trust and get them to believe. But once they do, the sky is the limit.

If you need my “Mad Scientist” skills to design a program for you, don’t be shy. I can just add you to the growing list of clients who are achieving extraordinary results.

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