Is the number “33” meaningful to you?

Boy, a couple days of nice weather really boosts your spirits, doesn’t it?

It makes you start longing for the summer and all the stuff you love to do like swimming, going to the beach, pool, lake, river, etc.

These early warm days should serve as a reminder that summer is right around the corner.

You can’t wait much longer to start getting that body ready for all the exposure.

There are only 11 weeks until July 4th!!! That is not a lot of time. You can accomplish quite a bit in that timeframe but you really need to start right away.

Let’s do the math.

1 lbs per week = 11 lbs

2 lbs per week = 22 lbs

3 lbs per week = 33 lbs

Your diligence to your program will determine which one of these you end up with. Less cheat meals and less missed workouts moves you closer to the 3 lb per week category.

What would you look and feel like without an extra 33 lbs? Really think about that. Would you feel better in a bathing suit? How about shorts and a tank top? How about a summer dress? A suit? Picture yourself in that attire.

Now look at your calendar.  Think about how you would look 33 lbs lighter. Look at your calendar. Think about 33 lbs lighter. Look at your calendar. Have I hypnotized you yet?

I hope you have a sense of urgency after this little hypnotic session. Time is ticking away. The decisions you make now, today, in this very moment, will determine how much you enjoy your entire summer.

Sacrifice now, enjoy later. That is how life goes. You can’t get to the hallowed ground without some work and sacrifice. The Fitness Fairy is not going to leave a jacked physique under your pillow tonight. There is no Leanness Bunny who leaves magic eggs for you. No Ab Santa with gifts under the tree. No Magic Pumpkin full of seeds that make you buff.

You need to do the work and put in the time. 33 lbs by July 4th… can be done. Start right now.

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