How to get a Mercedes

We are “Daydreamers.” We spend idle time thinking about hitting the lottery, or never having to work again, or being on permanent vacation.

That’s normal. But probably not useful.

Believe it or not, you control those thoughts. They aren’t as random as you may think. We usually think about those things to engage in some escapism. Watching TV, reading, listening to music and a bunch of other stuff acts in the same way. It is fun to forget about your own personal reality and dream about hitting the game winning RBI in the World Series or living at the beach and being served Margarita’s.

But usually you are no closer to those things after dreaming about them. They are just pleasant dreams that give you a couple of minutes of “feel good.”

Now, I’m not saying you should give up your dreams. On the contrary, I’m want you to continue to dream. I want you to dream hard and vivid. I want your dreams to be so good that you feel like they actually happened.  I want you to smell, feel, see, hear and taste it as if you were really there. Hell, if you are gonna dream, go big!!!

But (there is always a “but” right?), I want you to add action steps to those dreams. For example, if you want to drive around in a Mercedes, I want you to go test drive one. You can do that, right? It would be fun. Then I want you to come up with three ways to potentially own one. So every time you daydream about that Mercedes those action steps will pop into your head. Now you are using the power of your dreams to plant powerful messages in your brain.

Do this with anything you desire and think about often. Attach action steps and make them meaningful. Test driving the Mercedes will strengthen your desire. Attaching action steps while you are in that euphoric state will intensify the thought. The more intense the thoughts, the more likely you are to pursue them.

The final step is to add this dream exercise into your “To Do” List. Make the action steps part of your “To Do” List as well.

Action trumps all thought. Thought without action yields nothing. Action (even imperfect action) without thought will yield a little. Action combined with thought is the lottery ticket you have been dreaming of.

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