How many world records did you set today?


People often ask “what is the secret to losing weight?” Although there is no, one, all-important action that results in reaching success, there is one concept that without, success is impossible.

That concept is “consistency.” Consistency is THE most important variable in achieving any fitness goal. It isn’t “beast mode” or “no pain, no gain.” It is not intensity or variety. It isn’t even mindset or motivation.

The bottom line is that you need to take daily steps towards creating the fitness reality you want. Consistently following your eating plan, engaging in resistance training and performing cardio are what will allow you to reach your dreams.

As you have probably noticed, there are a million and one exercise routines, weight training plans, diets and gadgets which proclaim that their followers have achieved ungodly results. And, yes, they have. So how can all of these different training plans work? Because they all rely on “consistency.”

That’s right. None of these programs will work without consistency. None of them!!!! To me, that makes “consistency” the most important factor.

That being said, “consistency” alone, cannot guarantee success. What I mean is that the plan (diet and training) need to be solid. If the plan is solid (and reasonable) and scientifically proven AND you follow it consistently, then you will achieve the desired results. If not, you will be “consistently” banging your head against the wall.

Being consistent at a plan that is neither, appropriate nor designed for your needs, can be the absolute death of your drive and determination. It will also cause you to be skeptical and untrusting of future plans.

Without belief in your program, you will give up or give in upon the arrival of the first circumstance of adversity.

So, you need to find a program that takes your unique circumstances into account. Once you discover a plan that is designed to work for you, the only thing you need to do now is to follow it “consistently.”

Give it time to work. Be patient. Have faith that your consistency will result in progress. Grind daily. Dieting is not a weekend warrior activity. It needs to happen daily. Training is not a weekend warrior activity. It also needs to happen daily. You don’t need to create world records daily, you just need to implement the plan daily.

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