Growing pains

I am reflecting quite a bit this morning. My daughter turns sixteen today.  She is my youngest child and my only daughter.

I woke up asking myself how this could be possible. I still feel as if Iam only sixteen at times. This is a very bittersweet moment. I am so happy she is healthy, happy, beautiful, intelligent, funny, caring, etc, etc, etc……but there is a sadness as well. She is no longer that fragile baby bird that I need to protect from the world. She is a young woman and needs to be given the tools to be successful in her own right……not just because Daddy imposes his will on anything or anyone that dares stand in her way.

I love that role!!! But it needs to change a bit. She needs my protection less and less but my understanding and guidance even more. Man, this parenting stuff is not easy.

But I guess everything in life is similar. We outgrow our confines and need to relocate, reconfigure or reinvent.

This is true of relationships, business, money, love, parenting, school and just about every area of life.

The problem is that once we have even a small degree of success we freeze. We get comfortable and are afraid to risk that small success. We get too proud of it. And that is crippling.

Fitness is no different. Once we lose a few pounds, we think we have “found the answer.” So, we dismiss all other options. This close-mindedness is rampant in the industry. Trainers are not averse to this as well. Some trainers let their ego paint them into a corner. It becomes their “system” or their “style.” They then try to paint ALL of their clients with the same brush. Square peg, round hole scenario.

There are a million and one ways to be successful at reaching your fitness goals. There is no one formula that covers all the bases. What worked for you yesterday may not work today. So, you need to keep an open mind and search for the new combination that will open the vault of your new physique.

It really is no different than me seeking answers on how to support and parent a sixteen year old. I can’t use the same techniques I did when she was a child. She is different now. And I need to become different to be able to foster that.

So, don’t be afraid to try something that is different. Don’t be afraid to grow and morph and excel. It will be uncomfortable at first but it is crucial to your progress.

I love my daughter more every day. That will never change. Your passion for your fitness goals should grow as well…..even though the pathway is different.

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