Embrace the suck

I need you to ask yourself something. Are you just going through the motions? Are you giving 110%?

Before you answer, I want you to think about this in terms of two different areas.

  1. What is your % of workouts missed/made and % of sticking to your meal plan? If your plan is to do 5 weight trying sessions per week and you only get in 3…..that is a 60%……or a ‘D-“. If you plan on doing cardio 4 times per week and you only get 3…..that is a 75% or a “C”. And if you are supposed to stick with your meal plan seven days per week but you had a meltdown on Tuesday and ate a whole bag of chips, gave in to peer pressure and chugged down a few glasses of wine and ate off the plan on Friday night, and you attended a wedding on Saturday where you went off the rails again, then you did not follow your plan 3 out of 7 days this week……that is a 57%……or an “F”. So right now your report card has a D-, C and F on it. Your GPA is a “D”. See where I’m going with this?
  2. Are you leaving it all on the table when you train? Are you challenging yourself daily in the gym? I’ve been in the gym for 35 years. By my estimation, 90% of the people I see in the gym are not working hard. In my personal training experience I have found that most people have no idea how far they can push themselves. At the first sign of discomfort they stop or slow down. I’m talking about intensity here….not duration. Short but intense workouts……Anyone? Bueller?

I’m betting that most people relate to #1. If you were to provide a grade for your effort, you would probably be surprised at the outcome. It is math. It is hard to dispute. #2 is a different story though. It is hard to quantify intensity. I have an old school philosophy in regards to evaluating your prowess in the iron game. Here it is. Do you live for leg day? Leg Day sucks. Do you chase the suck? Or do you avoid it? Do you make excuses and do biceps instead? Do you make justifications and only do leg extensions instead of squatting and hitting the leg press? There it is. If you don’t chase the suck then you can’t expect dramatic changes.

People want dramatic results but aren’t willing to take dramatic action. Dramatic results don’t come about by average (or below average) effort. If you give “A” effort you will be guaranteed “A” results. That goes for the rest of the letter grades as well.

Ask yourself……Do I thrive on the suck?

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