Does losing 50 pounds in ten weeks interest you?

There are all kinds of statistics in regards to weight loss. You can find 100 articles that contradict each other as far as the specific numbers. The most poplar (by far) is this one “According to national diet surveys, 95% of the people who go on a diet and lose weight, gain the weight back within the first year “plus 10% more”.

The statistics for losing 100 pounds or more are even more gruesome. I’m not going to debate the actual numbers. I think that most of these studies confirm that the success rate of weight loss is poor and the success rate of 100 pound weight loss is even worse.

Does it really matter if it is 90% or 95%? Does it matter if the percentage for 100 pound weight loss is 98% or 99%? No, it doesn’t.

I think that the reasons for the lack of success in both cases are the same. Therefore, the actual numbers don’t matter because the solution is the same.

In my experience (20 years as a personal trainer/nutrition consultant, contest prep coach, fitness/nutrition author,etc) there are two main reasons why most programs fail.

The first reason is that people do too much too soon. Because the desire is HUGE, most people progress too quickly. Their bodies cannot keep up with their desires and they force themselves into either injury or the overtraining cycle. Both of these things kill progress.

The second reason is that most programs are not “comprehensive.” Running, in and of itself, is not comprehensive. Dieting alone, is not comprehensive. Weight training is not comprehensive. Boot camp, barre, CrossFit, yoga, metabolic conditioning, cardio kickboxing, etc are not comprehensive.

The piece of the puzzle that all these programs are missing is the most important….retraining your brain!!!! Some of the programs mentioned above have quite a few elements of a successful program, but none tackle the issue of training your brain. None have exercises, projects and education on rerouting your mental pathways.

There is an educational process you need to go through to solidify that weight loss for a lifetime. Without it you will continue to gain and lose the same 100 pounds over and over again (multiple times) throughout your life.

I’ve been working with an amazing guy since May 5th of this year (2016). He has gained and lost hundreds of pounds over the years. He has had what appears to be “great” success to the naked eye. But, it has been fleeting. Why? Because the brain keeps returning to the same negative thought patterns.

His results over the last 10 weeks have been truly remarkable. He has lost 53.4 pounds in that time. He was considering knee surgery prior to starting this program but has now decided it is no longer needed. He has no more pain in that knee. His doctor is ecstatic with his progress.

Impressive? Of course. But that isn’t what has impressed me. His attitude is where the real progress has been made. He actually enjoys his workouts. He has true control over his eating. What I mean by that is he isn’t just being a martyr by suffering through food choices. We can all do that for a short time but it catches up with us. He has spent a week at the lake and has attended cookouts and eating out on many different occassions over the last 10 weeks.

We are spending far more time and energy on the mental aspect of this process and it has made all the difference in the world. We have more work to do but he now has a solid foundation on which to build. It isn’t a false sense of security like he has had in the past.

I feel confident that he will finally be successful in maintaining control of this for the rest of his life. I have seen this before. I have had many clients lose over 100 pounds and keep it off for many years, so I recognize the signs. The commitment, the thirst for knowledge, the positive outlook and the enjoyment of the process are the same in all of these success stories.

This program is available to you as well. I am only one person so the group that I offer this program to is limited. But, it is the absolute best program on the planet to not only get you back on track and lose weight but, more importantly, give you the skill set to keep it off forever and gain control over your life.

If this is something that you are interested in you need to reach out to me and tell my why it is so important that you get into this program and why you are a good candidate.

Time is ticking and the spots will fill up quickly (usually in 48 hours).

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