Does Arnold take Zumba?


Hey Gang,

There’s a concept that I feel not enough people understand. In Economics class they refer to it as “Opportunity Cost.” In Martial Arts it is called “yin and yang.”

Basically it is the concept that you have to give something up to get something else.

We are turning into a society of entitlement. We want it all. We want it now. We don’t want to work or sacrifice to get it.

Sorry to tell you….that ain’t gonna happen. There is a sacrifice for everything you want to gain.

You want a house? You’re gonna have to work, save, borrow, steal, inherit or win the lottery to get it. All of those things require some sort of sacrifice.

Fitness is no different. You want muscles? You will need to spend thousands of hours in the gym. You will have pain, sweat, exhaustion and soreness to deal with. You want to run a marathon? You will have to log hundreds of miles on the road in all kinds of weather. You will also have soreness, blisters, fatigue, swelling and other uncomfortable conditions as payment for your accomplishment. You want to lose weight? You will need to sacrifice decadent food choices, alcohol indulgence, dessert, appetizers, and you will need to exercise.

The depth of your sacrifices will be directly proportional to the heights of your success.

That shouldn’t be discouraging, it should be empowering. What I’m telling you is that YOU are in control of your future. If you want something, you can have it. You just have to be willing to sacrifice enough to get it. Many of us miscalculate the amount of sacrifice associated with a goal. Then when it is harder than we anticipated, we get discouraged.

If you have lofty goals, there will be lofty sacrifices. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it.

I suggest you spend a fair amount of time evaluating the cost associated with a goal before embarking on it. Then there will be no surprises. You can get to work without being disappointed. You aren’t going to get a body like Mr. Olympia by doing Zumba class twice per week. Sorry.

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