You hit the lottery, you just don’t know it

Most of us have adopted a “victim” mindset. We feel as though we don’t have control over our lives. We have difficulty understanding how things “happen” to us. We are in a perpetual state of waiting. We are waiting for good things to “happen”. “When I get a raise/promotion my life will be better.” “When I have more time/money/resources/energy/opportunities my life will turn around.”

I’m sorry to tell you… will be waiting forever. Good things don’t just “happen”. You need to make them happen. You need to put yourself in position for good things to come your way. No one is just “lucky.” Even if you hit the lottery, you would have had to purchase a ticket. Which means your actions put you in a position to be “lucky.” You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.

It is funny how the universe works. Everything is interconnected. You never know when an action will bring good things to you.

Let’s take that lottery ticket. You purchase lottery tickets all the time yet never “win.” I would argue that you win all the time, you just don’t know it. Maybe you see an old friend in the store while buying that ticket. Maybe that rekindles a friendship. Maybe you get business from someone you spoke to in the parking lot. Maybe you buy the newspaper while you are there and you see an ad for a problem you have been looking to solve. Maybe you averted a car accident by changing your route because you chose to go to that store.

Good positive actions bring good positive things into your life whether you recognize it or not. Start paying attention. Start looking for connections.

Have you ever noticed that when one aspect of your life is going well the others seem to be improving too? For example: You start a fitness program and begin to lose weight. Mysteriously, you are getting along better with your significant other, business seems to pick up, you are more organized, etc, etc. That’s not luck. It’s not a coincidence. It is the universe returning your positive energy.

If you fuel your body with good food, your body responds favorably. If you fuel your mind with good, positive thoughts, the universe will open its doors to you. Give it a shot.

THE single most important factor in losing weight.

What causes us to do the things that we know will keep us from our goals?

Why do we blow off workouts? Why do we indulge even thought we have told ourselves we were gonna eat clean? Why do we crack that first beer after we made a promise to ourselves to not drink during the week? Why do we give in to peer pressure and go out to eat even though we told ourselves we wouldn’t? Why do we say we are going to start but never do?

These questions are far more important than “What is the best butt exercise?” Or “Should I have brown rice or white rice?”

We get too caught up in the “nuts and bolts”. We argue with each other over what is the best diet or which workout plan is superior.

I got news for you……LISTEN UP……..the answer is………you cannot make progress from a program you don’t follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We should be more concerned about changing the wiring in our brains. The reason we do all those moronic things is because we have created a program (like a computer program) that runs in the background of our mind. We have reinforced it with massive repetition. It makes us do things we don’t want to do.

Pure desire doesn’t usually overcome it. We need to re-program our minds. Yet, most of us, have no idea how to do that.

You could have the greatest workout and diet plan all mapped out for you, but, if you can’t get yourself to adhere to it, it is useless.

This is where my program differs from most. Knowing that “mindset” is the single most important component in losing weight, getting in shape and being healthy, I designed this program with that in mind.

It is exactly how Mac (above) lost 150lbs in a year.

You are about 9 days into your New Year’s Resolution. Which means you are within a week or two of going off the rails. I’m sorry…….statistics are with me on this one. I’m not trying to be a downer, I’m just kicking up some reality. It’s a fact not an opinion.

But you can avoid all of that disappointment and frustration. If you give my program a try, you will learn how to reprogram your brain so that it helps you, instead of harms you. You will come up with new coping mechanisms that will support your goals, instead of crush them.

All you gotta do is say “I’m in.”


What happens when your multiple personalities clash

I have been in a groove as of late. Eating is on point. Cardio is consistent. Weights have been on fire. Strength is climbing. Life is good.

But, over the last week, I have been getting those little aches and pains. Shoulders, elbows, knees all a little tweakie…..if you know what I mean. Us old guys are well aware of the dilemma.

In my youth I would ignore these signs and forge ahead with the “no pain, no gain” mentality. This usually ended up with me needing to take some time off from the gym to let the injuries heal. Which, in retrospect, was counter-productive.

So, being older and wiser (some will dispute that), I had a talk with myself. It was a struggle. I have like 15 different personalities so it was one hell of a talk. The bodybuilder in me said “Quit your bitching and pick up heavy shit.” The Personal Trainer in me said “Your body is telling you to rest and recuperate.” The ego-maniac in me said “Dude, you are in a groove, you sexy beast, you can’t stop now.” The beer drinker in me said “You should only be doing 12 ounce curls.” The dad in me said “What kind of example are you setting for your children?” The fighter in me said “How are you gonna protect yourself if a little soreness is gonna stop you?” The spoiled kid in me said “Just have some ice cream.”

But then my practical self stepped in and said “Hey, Genius, didn’t you write a book about this shit?”

Oh yeah. I did write a book about a totally different type of training that only takes five minutes and will protect your joints and tendons. And, it was designed for people like me in situations exactly like this.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

So, after I locked all the personalities back up in the vault in my mind, I followed my own advice. Who knew?

Results? 3 days into the change in protocol and my joints don’t ache, my tendons don’t hurt, but my muscles are sore as hell. I can picture all of my personalities rejoicing in the vault.

It has been another validation of a program I already knew was top shelf.

So, if any of you want to check this book out, just shoot me an email ( and I’ll email it back to you.

Be good to each other.



You are the killer of your own dreams.

We all hear inspirational stories about how someone has overcome the odds to achieve success.  Instagram and Facebook are loaded with them. We read them. We say to ourselves “That is cool. I wish I could do that.” Then we forget about it and lose our inspiration as soon as we click on another profile or story.  Gone….just like that.

Today I want it to be different. Before you read this story, I want you to write down on paper your fitness goal. Be specific. “I want to lose 40 lbs.” or “I want to fit into that little black dress.” Whatever your dream is….write it down. Then I want you to write down what is the first step you can take towards that goal. It doesn’t need to be big. It could be as simple as setting your alarm clock for tomorrow morning to workout. It could be writing a “To Do”list. Just write down an action.

On to my story. The handsome dude in the picture above is Steve Higgins (the other guy is me). Steve came to me 4 years ago. He had already started a fitness journey. He dropped a ton of weight and actually entered and competed in a bodybuilding show. For most that would be enough. Not for Steve.

Steve wanted to excel at bodybuilding, not just participate. He hired me. He had concerns at first. He was 44 years of age at the time. He asked me if he was too old to earn a Pro Card. He wanted to know if he would embarrass himself. I told him I would do everything within my power to afford him the opportunity to become the best version of himself. I told him I cannot guarantee a Pro Card but I could guarantee he would be better than he had ever been. He appreciated my candor and we started our journey.

We had a tremendous amount of success immediately. Steve was placing high at all of the contests he entered. But, the Pro Card win was always just outside his finger tips. Second place seemed to be his destiny. Hey, second place amongst the best natural bodybuilders in the world is nothing to sneeze at. But Steve started to get frustrated.

We have had many LONG talks over the last 4 years. Talks about patience and improvement and mental toughness. I encouraged and supported him. And he responded by working like an animal. He is as dedicated an athlete as I have ever worked with.

And then it happened. This weekend, Steve Higgins earned a Pro Card in both the Master’s Class and the Open Class. Yes, two Pro Cards!!!!! To top things off, he competed the next day as a Pro and came in third place….in his very first Pro Show!!!! WHEW!!!!! We made it.

I can honestly say “This was the most satisfying victory of my career.” This was 4 years of dedication, perspiration, perseverence, heart and an unwavering hunger for more. I’m not gonna lie, my eyeballs got a little sweaty.

All of my clients victories are special in their own way. Steve’s was just the longest ride with so many close calls.

Steve was just a middle aged guy who let life kill his dreams. He woke up one day and decided that he was better than that. Today, at 48 years young, he can call himself a Professional Bodybuilder.

There is a lesson here for you. If Steve can go from overweight, average Joe to Professional Bodybuilding Champ, then you can accomplish your dreams as well. You just need to take the first step you wrote down a few minutes ago.

If you don’t believe me……ask this guy.

It’s all your fault!

There’s a lot of bitching going on. People are bitching about money, jobs, relationships, the weather, government, politics, inflation, gas prices, sports, school and just about every other damn thing you can think of.

What I’m not hearing is anyone stepping up and taking responsibility for any of it. Hey, it’s gotta be someone’s fault, right? So whose fault is it?

It’s your fault, Bro!!!!! It’s all your fault!!!! Everything is your fault!!!!

At least….you better hope it is. If it was someone else’s fault you would have no control. You would have to sit around and wait for that other person to change your life. Ain’t gonna happen!!!!!

But, because it is your fault, you have total control over the situation. Don’t like where you live? Move. Hate your job? Quit. Overweight? Diet and exercise. Not real bright? Get educated. Can’t get a date? Become someone who has something to offer. Gas prices got you down? Ride a bike, take public transportation or walk.

Does this sound too simple? It is simple. But, the first step is accepting the fact that your thoughts, decisions and actions caused your lot in life. So, now you need to create different thoughts, better decisions and appropriate actions to move your life in a different direction.

There is an old saying “Don’t crap in your own nest cuz it stinks.” Every time you bitch about your life, you are crapping in your own nest. Bitching is the opposite of accepting responsibility. Bitching is blaming…..and blaming is powerless.

Repeat these words to yourself when you feel the need to bitch. “This is my fault. What can I do to make it better?”

It’s your fault, Bro. But that is a good thing.

You have a super power!

There is something that I have known for many years that has recently been reinforced. Lifting weights is pure magic!!!!

Resistance training has so many positive by-products that it is almost a “cure-all.” It is a mood enhancer, stress reliever, pain killer, energy builder, motivator, sleep enhancer, etc, etc.

A back injury has prevented me from training with the same fervor as I would like. Therefore I have been without all those positive side effects for quite a few years. Recently, I have been pain free and have been steadily increasing my intensity with the weights. It is amazing that I have been without these benefits for as long as I have.

My craving for the iron is growing daily. I’m starting to look forward to training again. I find myself planning the training session during the day and anxiously waiting for work to end so I can hit the gym.

If you ask my wife, I think she would tell you that I have been in a better mood. I’m getting more things done around the house. I’m more involved with my personal training business. I plan more, smile more, clean more and have a more positive outlook.

If you aren’t picking up heavy things, you are probably suffering in all these areas. Think about how your life would change if you could improve these areas even just a little bit.

Like most things, you need to develop some consistency before you start seeing some benefits. But, once you do, they will grow exponentially.

Start slowly and safely. Build in small increments. Listen to your body. Give adequate rest. Eat to build. Before you know it, you will be picking up heavy things AND reaping the awesome side effects. Pumping iron is a super power!!!

Do you have multiple personalities?

I love this story. It really sheds light on a problem that most of us have. We have two personalities that are both divergent and dependent of/on each other.

As it relates to fitness and our goals, it is pretty easy to see. We have one personality that is entitled, spoiled, thrives on immediate gratification and is akin to a child.  The other personality is more adult-like. It is calculating, patient, relies on common sense and can draw associations between actions and consequences.

We transform back and forth between these two personalities consistently. One is the “fun” personality, the other the “serious” personality.

We need both. The problem lies in the fact that one will get you what you think you want now, but kill your ability to get what you want in the long run. The other will get you to those lofty goals, but might not provide the “high” of being spontaneous and fun.

As the story goes….which one wins? The one you give more energy towards. If you give more energy to the child, you will have loads of fun, but, ultimately, you will sabotage your future. Your work, fitness, relationships, school will suffer. If you give ALL of your energy to the adult, you will certainly succeed more, but you will not get any enjoyment out of it.

The key is in finding a balance. The adult should get most of your energy, thereby allowing you to reach goals. But, there needs to be some energy designated to having fun, being spoiled and appreciating the decadent side of life.

This isn’t a 50/50 split. The child in you is more powerful than the adult. So, a little energy distribution to the child goes a long way. The child can destroy your progress with very little effort. The adult needs more energy because it takes time to accomplish its goals. This is actually a good thing because you also get more enjoyment out of less effort. Power is power, energy is energy.

This really should be a 95/5 split. 95% of your energy and time should be designated to the adult and 5% should go to the child. This balance will give you both long term goals and short term pleasures.

This is tricky though. The child always seems to find a way to climb out of the car seat. If you aren’t paying close attention, the child will sneak out of the seat and grow quickly. Before you know it, the child has taken over and your dreams and goals are put on hold. Now the adult has to contain the child again, clean up any damage caused and begin the process all over again.

You must be vigilant of keeping the child in the car seat. You must recognize the signs that the child is about to escape and take precautionary action to prevent it. Once that rascal escapes it is more difficult to round him up.

Enough with the analogies. When it comes to food, you need to eat within the guidelines you have set for yourself, but allow some room (5%) for some decadence. The same applies to working out. 95% effort should be applied to working out, 5% towards rest and relaxation.

If you can maintain the 95/5 split, you will get to have the benefits associated with being a child AND an adult.

If you need a babysitter, I’m a phone call away.