Are you ungrateful?


Look around you. What do you see? If you are reading this blog post then you have computer access. Maybe you have a smart phone. You have internet access at the very least.

Do you have loved ones….parents, siblings, spouse, significant other, friends? Do you have income? Do you have access to transportation? Do you have shelter? How about food? Are you healthy?

We have a tendency to disregard and overlook all the gifts in our lives. We always want more. We are always trying to get better. We stress about what we don’t have. We compare our situations to someone else who we think has it better than we do.

It is usually not discovered how incredibly lucky we are until we lose something. Once gone, we then distress about getting it back or lament that it is gone.

We spend time complaining about our jobs until we are laid off or fired or retire. Then, and only then, do we realize that we should have been more appreciative of what we had.

We cry about the stress of raising young children. We wonder when we can take a shower or sleep uninterrupted. Then our kids go off to college and we are saddened by the quiet.

We argue with and criticize our significant others, until they move on. Then we pray for them to come back.

We make excuses about being too tired to workout and diet. We use time and energy as a means to justify why we cannot be consistent with our efforts. Then we lose our health and we wish we could go back in time and be more diligent with our fitness regimen.

We can be ungrateful bastards…..plain and simple.

But this life has a way of humbling us. It will bring us to our knees. It will cause us to look at the big picture. The problem lies in that, for most people, it is too late when we finally realize what we had.

My brother, Dan, is a two time survivor of life threatening experiences. He survived a car accident which took the life of one of his friends. And he is a cancer survivor.

I watched his change after beating cancer. It was dramatic. He enjoys life more fully. He is thankful for every moment. He sees the good in just about everything. He laughs often. He is goofy and spontaneous. He gets it.

There has been some death around me recently. Is this incredibly sad? Indeed it is. But at the same time there is a bit of happiness. Happy for the friendship. Happy for the memories. Happy for the love. Happy for the time however brief.

We all have the opportunity to express and practice GRATITUDE. There is no need to wait until things are gone before we appreciate them.

For the next 30 days I want you to write a list of ten things that you are grateful for. Make a new list every day. You can keep it private or you can share it on social media. That decision is completely up to you.

This exercise will help you appreciate all the gifts in your life. It will help to curb complaining. It will change negative thinking patterns into positive ones. It is a very simple yet highly effective technique to help you find more value and happiness in your life.

Give it a shot and then let me know how it has influenced you.


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