Are you invisible?

Raise your hands. How many of you are intimidated by other people being present while you are working out?

Wow!!!! That’s a lot of hands!

Does it prevent you from working out? Do you stop working out when someone else arrives? Do you purposely change your workout plans because of it?

Most people have this fear. It is normal. Unnecessary….but normal.

All it takes is a mind shift in order to conquer it. You have to shift from being embarrassed to being proud. It is that simple.

Most of us are worried about what other people might think. First off, we are a little self-centered to think that the whole world has nothing better to do than to watch us. I think we have this misconception that we are as popular as Tom Brady and if we were to be out in public everyone would be staring at us. Sorry. The truth is, the vast majority of the general public has no idea that you even exist. I’m not trying to mean, I’m just stating a fact. Everyone else is just as self-centered as you. They are too busy worrying about what everyone thinks of them to be concerned with what you are doing. Seriously.

Something else to consider is this. Do you have control over what someone thinks about you? Nope. No control at all. You could be the nicest person in the world yet some people will think you are phony. That’s just the way it is.

So let me translate this to working out. Let’s say you drop you son off at soccer practice. Normally you sit there watching practice instead of driving home only to return in a half hour to pick him up. You now have a full hour to either waste or get something done. What prevents you for doing some body weight exercises (push-ups, squats, etc) and jogging (or walking) around the soccer complex? I’ll bet that most of the reason is fear of what the other parents would think.

As I said you can’t control what others think. So what if all this time you were sitting there wasting time on Facebook that everyone was thinking “Boy, she has gained a few pounds. Maybe she should be exercising instead of playing on Facebook.”? Never thought of it that way did you?

Maybe, just maybe, you might even gain some respect from gawkers. Maybe you even inspire someone else to join you.

That is why I love this meme above. No one is watching, but if they were, show them what it means to take control of your life. Show them how hard you work. Show them how tough you are. Make them feel embarrassed that they aren’t putting forth the same effort. And make them say “I wish I could do that.”

That is how you conquer that fear. Take pride in managing your time, taking control of your health and happiness, conquering your fears and trying to better yourself.

Be a rebel. Put yourself out there. And stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. They don’t even see you.

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