Are you Buster Posey?

I heard an interesting evaluation of San Francisco Giants catcher, Buster Posey, during last nights All-Star Game.

The manager of the National League (who is not Posey’s coach) was going on and on about how much of a “professional” he was. He talked about his obvious skills and described him as one of, if not the best catcher in the league.

We hear stuff like this all the time about people. Sometimes it is genuine and sometimes it is political correctness. That’s not the part that blew my mind. The manager went on to say that Posey told him that he would be available at the end of the game (to be re-inserted into the game) if he was needed.

Wow! If you are unfamiliar with the All-Star Game, let me fill you in. It is more of a celebration than an actual game. It is really about showcasing the best players in the game. Most players only play an inning or two and then step aside and give someone else (another superstar) a chance to play. Once they are out of the game they become cheerleaders and have a ton of fun goofing off.

Posey, on the other hand, told his coach that he would be ready to go back in if needed. That kid is a GAMER. That kid gets respect. That kid is someone to look up to. I have always admired him but this brings it to a new level.

This is a kid that “gets it.” His love for the game, passion to win and respect for the process is clearly evident here.

Isn’t that how we should all approach the rest of our lives? Shouldn’t we all have that kind of commitment, passion and respect for our lives?

Are you THAT committed to reaching your fitness goals? Are you THAT passionate about your profession? Do you have THAT much respect for the process?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say…..probably not. Only because we aren’t where we want to be…….YET.

I can guarantee that if you put in the same commitment, passion and respect for the process, you would be crazy successful in any endeavor you chose to follow.

I think too many of us “ride the fence.” We “kinda” want it, but aren’t willing to make enough sacrifices to get it.

Average effort equals average results. It really is that simple. Ask yourself if you are giving enough. Ask yourself if you REALLY want it. Ask yourself if you are sacrificing enough. Ask yourself if you respect it AND yourself enough to make it happen.

Be the Buster Posey of fitness, of finance, of school or of life. But you gotta follow his example. Be a true “professional.”

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