Are you an Instagram Drama Queen?

So, you have gone on vacation. You spent the last week unwinding at the beach, eating out and hydrating thoroughly by way of adult beverages. You are feeling “fluffy”, guilty and sad that the festivities are now supposed to come to an end. There is a bit of separation anxiety between you and the allures of the beach/vacation life.

Why does it have to end?

To be honest with you, it doesn’t have to “END.” That word “END” is so final. Nothing needs to “END.” We just need to regroup. Summertime fun does not have to be ripped from our lives forever.

We are so damn dramatic aren’t we? Every emotion is either the end of the world or a new rebirth. PLEASE…..get a grip. Your life isn’t a made for TV mini-series or soap opera.

Most of our lives (the vast majority) is spent in the “in between” moments. Yes the dramatic moments get most of the attention but 95% of our lives revolve around daily menial tasks.

Think about how much time is spent working, sleeping, caring for your kids, maintaining the house, driving, shopping, and other every day things. Guess what Dude? That’s life.

So, all you are really doing, the day after vacation, is returning to that comfortable every day mentality. You know it. You’ve done it. You are actually looking forward to it. But the “Drama Queen” in you wants to lament over “The End.”

It’s time to put your “Instagram Selfie Celebrity” on the shelf for a bit.

Sunday night (after vacation) you need to perform these tasks. They will help you find that state of mind where you are a pre-programmed machine that performs menial tasks with tremendous efficiency.

Step 1: Make a “To Do” list. We get more things done when we have created a contract (To Do list) with ourselves. Writing it down greatly improves our chances of completing it.

Step 2: Create and assemble your meals for tomorrow. I said “create AND assemble.” Good intentions won’t mean squat tomorrow. Only action works here. It is waaaaay too easy to justify in your mind by thinking “what’s one more day of cheating?”

Step 3: Take out your “workout” clothes and shoes for the next day. Ya….I know it only takes a few seconds to reach into the drawer and pull out a tank top and shorts. So, if it only takes a few seconds, why are you arguing with me to do it now? If you take them out you have already made a decision. This decision is made when you are in a moment of strength. If you wait until morning you will be in a position of weakness. Decisions are far more difficult then.

Step 4: Use your Instagram Drama Queen to your advantage. Go on social media and expose your plan to get back on track. Your friends will encourage and support your decision. It will also provide accountability.

Step 5: Plan your next “cheat meal” or fun activity. Put it on the calendar. This will help you avoid the drama of “The End” and give you something to look forward too (earn, if you will).

These things should help in returning you to your normal routine. Vacation is not over. There will be plenty of moments throughout the summer to have fun. You will still be able to enjoy them if you get some control over the “in between” moments.


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