Achieve the Impossible!!!


I love the quote above! It reminds me of the Roger Bannister story. Are you familiar with that story?

Well, it goes something like this. It was widely believed that it was impossible for a human being to run a sub 4 minute mile. No one in history had done that before. On May 6, 1954 Roger Bannister broke that mark by running a 3:59.4 mile.

The interesting part is that his record only lasted 46 days. Over the course of the next year, multiple runners cracked the 4 minute mile.

This story is about belief. If you believe something is impossible, then it certainly becomes impossible to you. And vice versa. If you believe something is possible then your mind and the universe will bring circumstances together that will make it possible.

The rest of the running world gained belief by Bannisters accomplishment. Once he had done it the rest of the world changed their view.

Our whole lives are very similar. Unfortunately we put up obstacles and ceilings on our dreams and ambitions. We listen to what other people say about what we can and cannot accomplish.

Spud Webb was 5’7″ tall and weighed 133 lbs. He was told his whole life that he was too small to play in the NBA. Spud Webb didn’t listen. He believed in himself. He went on to have a 12 year NBA career and won the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest!!!

You can also accomplish things that seem impossible to you right now. You just need to believe. And I mean REALLY believe. You have to know as an indisputable fact that your dream is going to come true.

That doesn’t mean you can sit on your butt and expect it to come to you. You need to work tirelessly at making it happen. Belief is what will fuel you when doubt creeps up. Belief is what will ignite the fire when the lights get dim. Belief is what will allow you to do extraordinary things in pursuit of your dream.

Dreaming is no fun without the belief that it can come true. All that leads to is disappointment when you wake up. Reality is what you make it. Someone else’s reality has nothing to do with yours. Your opinion is the only one that matters.

I know this for a fact. I have lived it. I graduated high school at 5’5″ tall and weighed 132 lbs. Despite my diminutive size and no one believing in my abilities, I was able to play college football and later became a Professional Bodybuilder. I had to believe in myself when no one else did. I became stubborn and immovable in my belief that if I worked hard I could accomplish crazy things.

As a Personal Trainer and Bodybuilding Coach I have seen amazing transformations. I have seen a 57 year old woman lose 105 lbs and compete in a bodybuilding show. I saw a guy who was born with a foot defect and who had a severe case of asthma run multiple marathons AND compete in bodybuilding shows. His doctor told him he would never do anything athletic when he was a child. Sorry Doc, his belief was stronger than your diagnosis.

We all have the ability to make the decision that we are not going to listen to the noise. You are the only one that knows what you are capable of……you and only you.


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