You have a super power!

There is something that I have known for many years that has recently been reinforced. Lifting weights is pure magic!!!!

Resistance training has so many positive by-products that it is almost a “cure-all.” It is a mood enhancer, stress reliever, pain killer, energy builder, motivator, sleep enhancer, etc, etc.

A back injury has prevented me from training with the same fervor as I would like. Therefore I have been without all those positive side effects for quite a few years. Recently, I have been pain free and have been steadily increasing my intensity with the weights. It is amazing that I have been without these benefits for as long as I have.

My craving for the iron is growing daily. I’m starting to look forward to training again. I find myself planning the training session during the day and anxiously waiting for work to end so I can hit the gym.

If you ask my wife, I think she would tell you that I have been in a better mood. I’m getting more things done around the house. I’m more involved with my personal training business. I plan more, smile more, clean more and have a more positive outlook.

If you aren’t picking up heavy things, you are probably suffering in all these areas. Think about how your life would change if you could improve these areas even just a little bit.

Like most things, you need to develop some consistency before you start seeing some benefits. But, once you do, they will grow exponentially.

Start slowly and safely. Build in small increments. Listen to your body. Give adequate rest. Eat to build. Before you know it, you will be picking up heavy things AND reaping the awesome side effects. Pumping iron is a super power!!!

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