Why so serious?


Hey Gang,

Seriousness and fun do not have to be mutually exclusive. They can exist and thrive together.

Don’t take the fun out of fitness just because you are serious about your results.

Listen, we all know that it takes “work” to reach our goals in any area of life. But, why can’t work also be fun?

Keep the “fun” in your fitness routine and your commitment and enthusiasm will soar.

There are many ways to have fun with fitness. Here are a few.

1. MUSIC: Headphones in, volume up. Mix it up. Don’t just put on Thrash Metal because of the angry style. Add variety to your playlist and have fun wth it.

2. TRAIN WITH SOMEONE: Train with a friend, partner, sibling, child, etc. Conversation and friendly competition can greatly enhance your experience. Group training is great for this.

3. RECORD YOUR PROGRESS: Breaking your own records is fun! Watching your progress unfold in front of you is motivating. We all need positive reinforcement.

4. TRY SOMETHING NEW: Why do the same old thing? Cardio doesn’t just mean getting on the treadmill or elliptical machine. There are a million and one ways to get your cardio in. Medicine balls, kettlebells, metabolic training, tababta, etc, etc. Training is like food….if you do the same thing everyday you will eventually get bored.

5. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: Fitness. Is supposed to be fun. Instead of looking at a training session as a chore, get yourself pumped up to have fun. You know the feeling when you are getting ready to go out? You are all amped up and feeling good with the anticipation of having a blast. Go through the same mental routine in regards to your workouts. The difference is in your mental approach.

Go out and have fun with your workout today. Then let me know what you did to have fun. We can pass it on to others who can benefit from that information.

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