When does working out get easy?


I’m gonna divulge a colossal secret to you. Are you ready? Here it is. Working out is uncomfortable! Gasp!!!!

You mean you didn’t know that? I’m being sarcastic, obviously. We all know that working out causes discomfort. Our heart rate becomes elevated. We start breathing heavily. We sweat. Our muscles become fatigued, sore and start to burn.

The fact that it is uncomfortable is not the problem. Our expectations that it is going to get easier is.

I have had many people ask me “When is it going to get easy?” My answer is always “Never.” It isn’t supposed to.

The whole premise of working out is to provide a stimulus for your body. Your body then needs to adapt to that stimulus. Adaptation is growth.

In other words, you need to challenge your body. You need to ask it to do something that it cannot do readily. There is no stimulus if you can perform it easily. Your body does not have to adapt to brushing your teeth. Walking down your front steps isn’t usually challenging enough to elicit a response from your body (unless you live at the top of the Washington Monument).

What ends up happening is that you progress as your body adapts. If you could only perform 5 push-ups on day one and can now perform 15 push-ups on day thirty, you have made progress. Doing 15 push-ups is still as hard as doing 5 push-ups a month ago.

Of course, if you only did 5 push-ups when you were capable of doing 15, that would be easy. But it also would not cause an adaptive reaction from your body.

My point is that you need to, not only, accept that uncomfortable feeling, but to relish it. Your expectations should not be focused on the workout getting easier, it should be on the challenge.

If you thrive on the daily challenge, you will get all the results that you seek. If a really hard workout is satisfying to you, then you will know you are on the right track.

Most of the issues we have in life are based on unmet expectations. Relationships, work, kids, finances, etc, are all based on expectations. If you expect the workout to become easy you are setting yourself up for a huge letdown. That letdown will then sabotage your will. The loss of will, causes a decline in effort and consistency. This ultimately results in goals not being accomplished.

Learn to enjoy the pain. Learn to look forward to the sweat. Learn to push a little further than yesterday. Working out never gets easy. Which is why it works.

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