You hit the lottery, you just don’t know it

Most of us have adopted a “victim” mindset. We feel as though we don’t have control over our lives. We have difficulty understanding how things “happen” to us. We are in a perpetual state of waiting. We are waiting for good things to “happen”. “When I get a raise/promotion my life will be better.” “When I have more time/money/resources/energy/opportunities my life will turn around.”

I’m sorry to tell you… will be waiting forever. Good things don’t just “happen”. You need to make them happen. You need to put yourself in position for good things to come your way. No one is just “lucky.” Even if you hit the lottery, you would have had to purchase a ticket. Which means your actions put you in a position to be “lucky.” You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.

It is funny how the universe works. Everything is interconnected. You never know when an action will bring good things to you.

Let’s take that lottery ticket. You purchase lottery tickets all the time yet never “win.” I would argue that you win all the time, you just don’t know it. Maybe you see an old friend in the store while buying that ticket. Maybe that rekindles a friendship. Maybe you get business from someone you spoke to in the parking lot. Maybe you buy the newspaper while you are there and you see an ad for a problem you have been looking to solve. Maybe you averted a car accident by changing your route because you chose to go to that store.

Good positive actions bring good positive things into your life whether you recognize it or not. Start paying attention. Start looking for connections.

Have you ever noticed that when one aspect of your life is going well the others seem to be improving too? For example: You start a fitness program and begin to lose weight. Mysteriously, you are getting along better with your significant other, business seems to pick up, you are more organized, etc, etc. That’s not luck. It’s not a coincidence. It is the universe returning your positive energy.

If you fuel your body with good food, your body responds favorably. If you fuel your mind with good, positive thoughts, the universe will open its doors to you. Give it a shot.