THE single most important factor in losing weight.

What causes us to do the things that we know will keep us from our goals?

Why do we blow off workouts? Why do we indulge even thought we have told ourselves we were gonna eat clean? Why do we crack that first beer after we made a promise to ourselves to not drink during the week? Why do we give in to peer pressure and go out to eat even though we told ourselves we wouldn’t? Why do we say we are going to start but never do?

These questions are far more important than “What is the best butt exercise?” Or “Should I have brown rice or white rice?”

We get too caught up in the “nuts and bolts”. We argue with each other over what is the best diet or which workout plan is superior.

I got news for you……LISTEN UP……..the answer is………you cannot make progress from a program you don’t follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We should be more concerned about changing the wiring in our brains. The reason we do all those moronic things is because we have created a program (like a computer program) that runs in the background of our mind. We have reinforced it with massive repetition. It makes us do things we don’t want to do.

Pure desire doesn’t usually overcome it. We need to re-program our minds. Yet, most of us, have no idea how to do that.

You could have the greatest workout and diet plan all mapped out for you, but, if you can’t get yourself to adhere to it, it is useless.

This is where my program differs from most. Knowing that “mindset” is the single most important component in losing weight, getting in shape and being healthy, I designed this program with that in mind.

It is exactly how Mac (above) lost 150lbs in a year.

You are about 9 days into your New Year’s Resolution. Which means you are within a week or two of going off the rails. I’m sorry…….statistics are with me on this one. I’m not trying to be a downer, I’m just kicking up some reality. It’s a fact not an opinion.

But you can avoid all of that disappointment and frustration. If you give my program a try, you will learn how to reprogram your brain so that it helps you, instead of harms you. You will come up with new coping mechanisms that will support your goals, instead of crush them.

All you gotta do is say “I’m in.”