It’s all your fault!

There’s a lot of bitching going on. People are bitching about money, jobs, relationships, the weather, government, politics, inflation, gas prices, sports, school and just about every other damn thing you can think of.

What I’m not hearing is anyone stepping up and taking responsibility for any of it. Hey, it’s gotta be someone’s fault, right? So whose fault is it?

It’s your fault, Bro!!!!! It’s all your fault!!!! Everything is your fault!!!!

At least….you better hope it is. If it was someone else’s fault you would have no control. You would have to sit around and wait for that other person to change your life. Ain’t gonna happen!!!!!

But, because it is your fault, you have total control over the situation. Don’t like where you live? Move. Hate your job? Quit. Overweight? Diet and exercise. Not real bright? Get educated. Can’t get a date? Become someone who has something to offer. Gas prices got you down? Ride a bike, take public transportation or walk.

Does this sound too simple? It is simple. But, the first step is accepting the fact that your thoughts, decisions and actions caused your lot in life. So, now you need to create different thoughts, better decisions and appropriate actions to move your life in a different direction.

There is an old saying “Don’t crap in your own nest cuz it stinks.” Every time you bitch about your life, you are crapping in your own nest. Bitching is the opposite of accepting responsibility. Bitching is blaming…..and blaming is powerless.

Repeat these words to yourself when you feel the need to bitch. “This is my fault. What can I do to make it better?”

It’s your fault, Bro. But that is a good thing.

You have a super power!

There is something that I have known for many years that has recently been reinforced. Lifting weights is pure magic!!!!

Resistance training has so many positive by-products that it is almost a “cure-all.” It is a mood enhancer, stress reliever, pain killer, energy builder, motivator, sleep enhancer, etc, etc.

A back injury has prevented me from training with the same fervor as I would like. Therefore I have been without all those positive side effects for quite a few years. Recently, I have been pain free and have been steadily increasing my intensity with the weights. It is amazing that I have been without these benefits for as long as I have.

My craving for the iron is growing daily. I’m starting to look forward to training again. I find myself planning the training session during the day and anxiously waiting for work to end so I can hit the gym.

If you ask my wife, I think she would tell you that I have been in a better mood. I’m getting more things done around the house. I’m more involved with my personal training business. I plan more, smile more, clean more and have a more positive outlook.

If you aren’t picking up heavy things, you are probably suffering in all these areas. Think about how your life would change if you could improve these areas even just a little bit.

Like most things, you need to develop some consistency before you start seeing some benefits. But, once you do, they will grow exponentially.

Start slowly and safely. Build in small increments. Listen to your body. Give adequate rest. Eat to build. Before you know it, you will be picking up heavy things AND reaping the awesome side effects. Pumping iron is a super power!!!

Do you have multiple personalities?

I love this story. It really sheds light on a problem that most of us have. We have two personalities that are both divergent and dependent of/on each other.

As it relates to fitness and our goals, it is pretty easy to see. We have one personality that is entitled, spoiled, thrives on immediate gratification and is akin to a child.  The other personality is more adult-like. It is calculating, patient, relies on common sense and can draw associations between actions and consequences.

We transform back and forth between these two personalities consistently. One is the “fun” personality, the other the “serious” personality.

We need both. The problem lies in the fact that one will get you what you think you want now, but kill your ability to get what you want in the long run. The other will get you to those lofty goals, but might not provide the “high” of being spontaneous and fun.

As the story goes….which one wins? The one you give more energy towards. If you give more energy to the child, you will have loads of fun, but, ultimately, you will sabotage your future. Your work, fitness, relationships, school will suffer. If you give ALL of your energy to the adult, you will certainly succeed more, but you will not get any enjoyment out of it.

The key is in finding a balance. The adult should get most of your energy, thereby allowing you to reach goals. But, there needs to be some energy designated to having fun, being spoiled and appreciating the decadent side of life.

This isn’t a 50/50 split. The child in you is more powerful than the adult. So, a little energy distribution to the child goes a long way. The child can destroy your progress with very little effort. The adult needs more energy because it takes time to accomplish its goals. This is actually a good thing because you also get more enjoyment out of less effort. Power is power, energy is energy.

This really should be a 95/5 split. 95% of your energy and time should be designated to the adult and 5% should go to the child. This balance will give you both long term goals and short term pleasures.

This is tricky though. The child always seems to find a way to climb out of the car seat. If you aren’t paying close attention, the child will sneak out of the seat and grow quickly. Before you know it, the child has taken over and your dreams and goals are put on hold. Now the adult has to contain the child again, clean up any damage caused and begin the process all over again.

You must be vigilant of keeping the child in the car seat. You must recognize the signs that the child is about to escape and take precautionary action to prevent it. Once that rascal escapes it is more difficult to round him up.

Enough with the analogies. When it comes to food, you need to eat within the guidelines you have set for yourself, but allow some room (5%) for some decadence. The same applies to working out. 95% effort should be applied to working out, 5% towards rest and relaxation.

If you can maintain the 95/5 split, you will get to have the benefits associated with being a child AND an adult.

If you need a babysitter, I’m a phone call away.