Start your goals off on the right foot.

If you are preparing a New Year’s Resolution then the next two days will probably include a goal setting exercise. Some are more elaborate than others, but, there needs to be some type of planning.

Goal setting exercises are extremely important. How are you going to know how to reach your goal if you don’t plan for it? The problem is that it can be time consuming to write out a complete exercise. I’m not gonna lie, those long drawn out exercises are very effective. But how effective are they if you don’t spend the time doing them? Not very.

So I’m going to streamline the process for you. I want you to get out a pencil and paper. No, not your iPad or laptop….a pencil and paper. The iPad and computer come later.

I want you to write “2017 Goal” at the top. Good. For the sake of demonstration I’m gonna assume your goal is weight loss. So under the “2017” heading I want you to write “Lose Weight.” Got it?

Now comes the hard part. Under that you need to define “Lose Weight.” In other words, how much? Think long and hard about this. Do you want to settle or do you want an end game weight loss where you will be happy forever? I suggest the end game. It is much more inspirational to feel completely and totally happy than to just not cry every night……get me?

Next you need to put a date on it. In other words, you will lose x amount of weight by such and such a date. Keep in mind that healthy weight loss is usually between 1-2.5 pounds per week. Do the math. Use a calculator if need be.

So you should have a firm date at which your weight loss will be accomplished. Put it on your calendar in big, bold letters or red marker. Make it stand out. Now go back through every week and put the number you should be reaching on the calendar. For example, if you have 20 pounds to lose, and you anticipate losing 1.5 pounds per week, it would take about 13 weeks to get there. So 13 weeks from now put your goal weight on the calendar. Then backtrack and add 1.5 pounds every week, which would bring you back to the here and now and your current weight. This way you have a large goal and also small weekly goals.

Now I’m gonna go a little “psychology” on your ass. I want you write down “Why” you want to accomplish your goal. When you get an answer, I want you to ask why again and so on and so forth. For example: Why do you want to lose weight? Because I don’t feel good about myself. Why does that bother you? Because I feel self conscious in public. Why is that a problem? Because I’ve been overweight most of my life. Why is that an issue. Because when I was younger I got made fun of. Why did that bother you? Well, I just wanted to be like everyone else. WHOA!!! Slow down. We just went from wanting to lose weight to wanting to be accepted in about 5 “Whys”. Now we are hitting on real motivation, not some cover up about how you are concerned about health etc (side note: you should be concerned about health but I find that most people have other things that drive them like self esteem, acceptance or becoming more attractive to the opposite sex).

Now copy all of this onto your iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc. where it will be seen by you frequently throughout your day.

You are now done with the abbreviated version of a goal setting exercise. Good luck and I hope this helps.

What do 80’s hair bands have to do with fitness?

I agree… should be a year-long lifestyle. But, let’s face it…..we really need to take advantage of this whole resolution thing.

But, I suggest we do it right this time. Are you in?

The reason it becomes just a short few weeks of enthusiasm followed by a complete neglect of anything healthy is because of that very enthusiasm (and a culture of immediate gratification and the pussification of society…..but I digress).

The failure of most of the New Year’s Resolutions (fitness version) is due to starting at too high a level and/or progressing too quickly in the early stages. That, of course, is caused from the previously mentioned “enthusiasm” and “immediate gratification.”

I know it is a cliché but you really do need to start slow.

Let me explain how the whole thing works. Joey Bag-o-donuts (Joey…moving forward) decides that he needs to make a change. His clothes aren’t fitting all that great. He doesn’t look forward to taking his shirt off at the pool. And, Mrs. Bag-o-donuts made a comment about how “fit” their son’s baseball coach is.

So he wanders into Beefcake Gym in his new Nike kicks and Under Armor gear on January 2nd. He watched ALL of the “Rocky” movies over the Christmas break. His iPod playlist is filled with 80’s Hair Bands (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Dokken, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Scorpions, etc……I know my 80’s sh*t!!!).

Then it begins. He embarks on history’s greatest workout. He does 137 sets of chest, 89 sets of shoulders and 71 sets of triceps. He is the man!!!! He then tries to outdo himself by running two miles on the treadmill. He is huffing and puffing. He is sweating. His heart is pounding. He feels great! Or at least he tells himself he does.

Then it is off to the sauna to sweat out the toxins (or what remains of a glass of water he had in middle school). A shower and a drive home ends the experience.

Although incredibly sore, he continues a similar process for the next 10 days.

Then one day (day 11 actually) he doesn’t make it to the gym. He tells himself that it is OK because he has worked so hard for a week and a half and his body could use a rest.

The next day on his fitness calendar is July 3rd. He is at the beach for the Fourth of July holiday weekend and he doesn’t want to take his shirt off.

Sound familiar?

It is an all too common occurrence.

The bottom line is that Joey started by doing too much. He could survive the workouts but chemically and hormonally his body was making adjustments behind the scenes. His body perceived a threat (too much exercise) and created a way to protect itself by making Joey both hungry and tired (thereby killing his drive).

You need a program that is designed for your needs….not Joey’s…..yours. It needs to take your unique situation into account. It needs to fit in a way that your body can adapt and make progress. And it needs to be challenging enough but gentle to the hormonal system.

Does your program do that? Do you know if your program does that?

If you don’t want to be Joey and you want Mrs. Bag-o-donuts to be looking at you instead of the coach then you better have a program that will last more than 10 days.

Just saying.

Things you absolutely must know or you will fail!!!

Hey Gang,

We are all getting geared up to have unbridled success losing weight with our impending “New Year’s Resolution”!!!!! Are you on board?

All we have to do is squeeeeeeze in a few more days of decadence before going “beast mode” and returning to our best shape ever.

This is gonna be epic!!!

The hard part is making the decision to start, right? And, we have made that decision. Nothing can stop us now!!!!!

I’m really proud of you. I just have a few “minor” questions about the program you are about to begin.

Want is your Basal Metabolic Rate? What is your Body Fat Percentage? What is your Lean Body Mass? How many calories are you going to eat per day? What are the ratios of your macro-nutrients? What type of resistance training will you be performing? How many sets? How many reps? How many body parts per day? What type of cardio will you be performing? How long? At what intensity? How much will you increase your training volume per week?

Sorry, I’m a curious little bugger. But seriously, do you know these details about your program? Most people don’t. Your trainer had better know then……oops……don’t have a trainer? Hmmm.

Here’s the problem. If you don’t know your Basal Metabolic Rate, Lean Body Mass and Body Fat Percentage it will be difficult to figure out how many calories you need to eat daily to reach your goals. If you eat too much, you will gain weight. If you eat too little, you will get hungry and eventually give in to temptation (frequently). If you eat exactly at your metabolic rate, you will neither gain or lose weight and will become frustrated from the lack of movement on the scale.

If you don’t know what type of resistance training you will do or how many sets and reps, your body will not respond in the manner you had expected.

If you don’t know how frequently, how intense, or the duration of your cardio, you may be over-training and setting yourself up for failure moving forward. This could be because of exhaustion, injuries or boredom.

I know this seems like a lot. But, these things are vital to your success.

Any of you putting a kid through college? You wouldn’t just drop your kid off at the front steps of UMass in September without doing the legwork, would you? Of course not. You need to apply, interview, visit, apply for financial aid, pick housing, choose course load, pick a meal plan, pick a major, read the rules and regulations, etc, etc.

Well then, WHY, are you just gonna show up at Planet Fitness on January 2nd completely unprepared? If your college student would be destined to fail without the proper preparation, what makes you think you can “wing it?”

You have a choice. You can either be one of the millions of American’s that start a New Year’s Resolution and fail….or… can be one of the small percentage that have incredible success.

What’s it gonna be?

I help people succeed. That’s my shtick!!!! That’s my thing. I create UNBELIEVABLE TRANSFORMATIONS. If you have been following my emails, blog, Facebook page or Instagram account you have seen what I do.

I can do that for you. Or, you can join the herd.

This can be the year. Mac lost 117 pounds this year (since May 5th). Dan lost 46 pounds this year (since September 15th). And Diane lost 17 pounds this year (in the last few months). Brittany won a World Championship and a pro card this year. Jessica also won her pro card this year. John got off blood pressure medication this year. Etc, etc.

They all had goals on January 1st and they all reached out for help with those goals. You are now in the exact same position as they were a year ago.

I’ll be here for ya!!!!!

Bill Murphy
Murphy’s Law Nutrition & Fitness

How to survive the holidays

Hey Gang,

Merry Christmas!!!!

The holidays can make staying on your fitness program a challenge. Between work parties, family parties, shopping and traffic it can be difficult to stick to your plan.

So what should you do?

Enjoy!!! Yes, that is right. Christmas Day do whatever you normally do. You shouldn’t deny yourself the wonderful experience of Christmas.

You can’t completely destroy all the progress you have made in one day. Although I’m sure most of us test that theory.

If you want to stay on track, the goal should be to stay on track the rest of the time. Don’t stretch the holiday all the way to New Year’s Eve. Monday morning get back on your program. Get to the gym. Go for a run. Get back on your eating plan. And, put the Christmas decadence behind you. Do the same for New Year’s Eve. One day of decadence….then back on track the next day.

If you deny yourself of all of life’s pleasures you are setting yourself up for failure down the road. It is difficult to stick to a plan that provides no fun. Just put parameters on it… much, how long, when does it end?

In reality, that is how your life should operate year-round. You do the right thing the vast majority of the time and you set time aside to have fun. This isn’t rocket science.

Please enjoy your family and friends. This is a time to be thankful for all we have. It is a perfect reminder of how we should treat each other. Joy and happiness and love should not be relegated to a couple of weeks in December.

I love you all. Thank you for following my crazy posts and my twisted sense of humor. Peace.


Why so serious?


Hey Gang,

Seriousness and fun do not have to be mutually exclusive. They can exist and thrive together.

Don’t take the fun out of fitness just because you are serious about your results.

Listen, we all know that it takes “work” to reach our goals in any area of life. But, why can’t work also be fun?

Keep the “fun” in your fitness routine and your commitment and enthusiasm will soar.

There are many ways to have fun with fitness. Here are a few.

1. MUSIC: Headphones in, volume up. Mix it up. Don’t just put on Thrash Metal because of the angry style. Add variety to your playlist and have fun wth it.

2. TRAIN WITH SOMEONE: Train with a friend, partner, sibling, child, etc. Conversation and friendly competition can greatly enhance your experience. Group training is great for this.

3. RECORD YOUR PROGRESS: Breaking your own records is fun! Watching your progress unfold in front of you is motivating. We all need positive reinforcement.

4. TRY SOMETHING NEW: Why do the same old thing? Cardio doesn’t just mean getting on the treadmill or elliptical machine. There are a million and one ways to get your cardio in. Medicine balls, kettlebells, metabolic training, tababta, etc, etc. Training is like food….if you do the same thing everyday you will eventually get bored.

5. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: Fitness. Is supposed to be fun. Instead of looking at a training session as a chore, get yourself pumped up to have fun. You know the feeling when you are getting ready to go out? You are all amped up and feeling good with the anticipation of having a blast. Go through the same mental routine in regards to your workouts. The difference is in your mental approach.

Go out and have fun with your workout today. Then let me know what you did to have fun. We can pass it on to others who can benefit from that information.

Does Arnold take Zumba?


Hey Gang,

There’s a concept that I feel not enough people understand. In Economics class they refer to it as “Opportunity Cost.” In Martial Arts it is called “yin and yang.”

Basically it is the concept that you have to give something up to get something else.

We are turning into a society of entitlement. We want it all. We want it now. We don’t want to work or sacrifice to get it.

Sorry to tell you….that ain’t gonna happen. There is a sacrifice for everything you want to gain.

You want a house? You’re gonna have to work, save, borrow, steal, inherit or win the lottery to get it. All of those things require some sort of sacrifice.

Fitness is no different. You want muscles? You will need to spend thousands of hours in the gym. You will have pain, sweat, exhaustion and soreness to deal with. You want to run a marathon? You will have to log hundreds of miles on the road in all kinds of weather. You will also have soreness, blisters, fatigue, swelling and other uncomfortable conditions as payment for your accomplishment. You want to lose weight? You will need to sacrifice decadent food choices, alcohol indulgence, dessert, appetizers, and you will need to exercise.

The depth of your sacrifices will be directly proportional to the heights of your success.

That shouldn’t be discouraging, it should be empowering. What I’m telling you is that YOU are in control of your future. If you want something, you can have it. You just have to be willing to sacrifice enough to get it. Many of us miscalculate the amount of sacrifice associated with a goal. Then when it is harder than we anticipated, we get discouraged.

If you have lofty goals, there will be lofty sacrifices. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it.

I suggest you spend a fair amount of time evaluating the cost associated with a goal before embarking on it. Then there will be no surprises. You can get to work without being disappointed. You aren’t going to get a body like Mr. Olympia by doing Zumba class twice per week. Sorry.